Week 1

Welcome Dinner

We’ll be welcoming the new academic year in style at the Water Margin at the famous O2 Arena in North Greenwich, London on the 11th October 2012.

Dinner’s at 7:00PM and all years are welcome! It’ll be a great way for you to get to meet fellow Malaysian freshers and seniors alike and eat great food!

At £10 for members and £15 for non-members, you get:

  • Asian styled buffet
  • Unlimited soft drinks
  • Teppanyaki
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Bar

We’ll be playing games as well – so be prepared for some surprises!!
Members of our committee will be in the JCR on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th at 12pm if you want tickets.

Also, on a related note..

Buy your membership here! It’s only £5 and you’ll immediately earn back on it for the Welcome Dinner… Plus get a load of discounts at restaurants around London, subsidies for theatre trips, sports sessions and many other perks on top of the pie!

Sports Day

Presenting to you… the ICUMS ALL STAR Sports Day! Join us for a day of fun and games on the 20th October (next Saturday) starting at 9AM. Show off your skills 😉 in time for Nottingham games challenging the other years in 5 major tournaments: basketball, volleyball, 5-a-side futsal, badminton and even in an (ALL NEW) telematch.

Register your team today before the deadline (23:59 on the 14th October):


  1. Only one team per year for each event (4 teams for badminton)
  2. No individual should participate in more than one event, unless there are insufficient players to form a team.
  3. Refer to the flyer for more information about each sport.

Contact Catherine for any enquiries at 07928300150 or cklv999@gmail.com.


T Shirts

For all those who didn’t manage to find me to order a T-Shirt at the Welcome Reception & would like one, please fill out this order form before the 12th October if you want to buy our awesome MSoc tee the committee was modeling today 😀

Go to Order Form.

NOTE: Please DON’T fill out this form again if you already put your name down on the list during Welcome Reception 🙂 or you’d be ordering two.


Your committee
ICUMS Secretary 2012-13