Antony Wong

Full Name: Antony Wong

Course: 1st year BSci Mathematics

Post: Communications Secretary

Proposer: Hui Jing Chuah(2nd year Mathematics)

Seconder: Fen Wong( 2nd year ChemEng)

Run-down Post: None


I have never had this sense of belonging to a society until I joined Msoc, a huge family where seniors and the juniors are bonded strongly together, and a place where I am accepted and welcomed even though being technically not a Malaysian. Celebrating festivals together, potlucks, having nasi lemak and roti canai(for the first time), theatre trips, etc, added colours and joy to my stressful uni life. And the most memorable Mnight in which all of us gave 110% effort towards the production and at the same time developed the closest ties among us. Everyone in the society even helped me to get back my broken violin which is worth 1000 quid!

I swear it was the best decision ever to have joined Msoc and I really want to give back what the society has given to me. I am dedicated to become more of this family. I want to let more people know how awesome our Msoc is, so that more people like me would also want to join, and this promotion is the primary role of communication secretary.

Being involved in the student council in my old school, I had a taste on event promotions such as organizing and promoting joint-school events. Now I am eager to take up a bigger responsibility. I also think the current comm sec has been doing a great job and I want to learn from her, both her digital editing skills and her passion towards her role. I would like to prove myself that I am capable of excelling the job as well.

What I would like to do:

– Create a proper msoc mobile app: the current one basically is just a link to the website.
– Make the mobile app to full use: give notifications to events, mnight practice schedule;
– Promote the mnight website: I feel like the website is not fully promoted this year; can promote the website more on facebook
– Constantly update events on the msoc website and take lots of photos and upload to the website and facebook!
– Design membership card, mnight poster n ticket n trailer

I believe it’s my passion to promote msoc that stands out, and I promise I will do my best if I am honoured to acquire the post. Thank you!