Chien Lee Lim

Full Name: Chien Lee Lim

Course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 3rd Year

Post: President

Proposer: Emmilyn Yeoh (Materials Science and Engineering, 2nd Year)

Seconder: Scott Lim (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2nd Year)

Run-down Post: None


First of all, I’m a third year student.  This may come as a surprise to most of you guys as you probably don’t know me.  Who am I?  No, the million dollar question is why am I running for President?  Two years ago, I probably would not even imagine running for this position.  Truth be told, my first two years in London wasn’t very memorable as I didn’t realise how important it is to have Malaysian friends who I can call family here.  Well, what changed?  I had the opportunity to meet  a group of Malaysians and despite being only acquainted with me, they welcomed me into their circle with open arms.  It wasn’t the fact that I made new friends but it was the warmth and their genuine friendliness that made me realise.  From then on, it hit me that how much more meaningful life in university is having a family here away from home.  This family does not only consist of my newfound friends but the whole Malaysian Society as a whole.

My aim is to:

  1. Assimilate all Malaysian and non-Malaysians alike as a big family and not only a society
  2. Promote and improve the image of our society within London

How am I going to address all the prevalent issues in our Malaysian Society?

1. Problems with funding

I believe I have the capability and connections to get and improve funding for our society

2. Problems with housing

I will pioneer an effort to help freshers find housing for their second year as I realize this is quite a big issue and many freshers are finding this issue a thorn in their flesh

3. Increase unity within Malaysian society

I will introduce a new buddy system in which seniors will also help freshers struggling with their studies and also introduce a system which will better integrate the families.  In addition, I will also ensure that seniors especially second and third years do not drift away as the years progress.

4. Some events are not affordable

I will introduce new events like karaoke nights, movie nights, cooking competition and also a clubbing event.  On top of that, I will make year end trips more affordable.

5. Im aware that we are perturbed about the fact of getting a job

Having good relations with companies, I can invite companies to give talks and also organise more career talks.