Cindy Sim Xin Yong

Full Name: Cindy Sim Xin Yong

Course: Meng Mechanical Engineering Year 1

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Woon Senn Koh Medicine Year 1

Seconder: Yan Xun Ng Physics Year 1


TL; DR vote for me!

*Drum Rolls*

Hey guys! This is Cindy/Xiindiie speaking. As it seems to be a common culture for everyone to mention about how MSoc has brought changes in our lives as a home away from home, I, too want to have my say about my experience with MSoc. I came from a small humble town in East Malaysia, and it’s really uncommon for people from the similar background as me to have the chance to come to such a prestigious university to study. From having no friends at all to being surrounded by the greatest souls I’ve ever met; from being completely clueless about how it is like to be studying overseas/at Imperial, to finally getting a sight of the bigger picture, all of these changes are brought by MSoc.

It gradually happened, since Fresher’s Dinner and Fresher’s Camp. Somehow being someone who comes from Sarawak, I’ve always felt that I’m out of place. I was seriously afraid that I would be coming to this country alone but things were different after I got in touch with MSoc. Through Fresher’s Camp, I’ve known lots of people before I was even here! When I had no place to stay when I first came to London, our dearest welfare officer offered me a place; when the buddy family was launched, I’ve found my really close friends and I’m proud to say that I still hang out with my buddy family every now and then.

After meeting so many people from fresher’s camp I have realized there are still people who are like me last time, being placed in such a situation that they are not aware of the society’s hospitality and still feeling isolated at a new place. That’s when I started to bring more people to join MNight whenever I had the chance to, and I’m really glad that they have found their circle of friends that they will cherish throughout their university life.

The main reason why I want to apply for the post is because I have been receiving too much from MSoc. I would like to contribute – to help the freshers who are once like me, to guide them in their lives. I’ve held various posts in different organizations, given the opportunity to lead and to organize events. I’m friendly, approachable and cheerful. People always come to me when they have problems in life – I may not give the best advice, but I always try my best to be a good listener. If I have the opportunity to hold the post as the welfare officer, there’re a few things that I would like to do.

  1. Be the private investigator among the freshers – observe, collect opinions and think of the best solutions for any dissatisfactory found among the freshers
  2. Ensure the success of buddy family by developing new methods of bonding, such as more chances to interact and stuffs – but of course I’ve to know the people around better first and I believe in my ‘observation’ skills
  3. Make fresher’s camp more fun! I once held the position as game master in my annual high school camp and it’s always been said that it’s the best camp ever for all the amazing games we have

I would really like to continue the legacy of our dearest welfare officer for doing such a good job. However, I wish I will be able to do better in the case that to bring more phantoms into the family so everyone will be able to find a home away from home.

My addiction is for.. MSoc.

Thank you for your time!

Hehe :3