Daniel Chan Yi Han

Full Name : Daniel Chan Yi Han

Course : Geology with a Year Abroad MSci

Post : Committee Member

Proposer : Izzat Iskandar ( 2nd Year EEE )

Seconder : Joanna Wong ( 2nd Year Medicine )

Manifesto :

Rewind the clock 6 months back, freshers, future peers and colleagues touched down unto this island, far away from Bolehland, came across a brand new culture and mysterious things such optional service charge. Being the typical Malaysian, I walk away without giving a tip, with waiters giving me a stare after my meal. Haven’t we all? “You can take a boy out of Malaysia, but you can’t take the Malaysian out of the boy”. This clearly describes the culture and lifestyle that is embedded in us since birth, of which we all cherish and love.

I intend to be part of the next committee as an OCM, as I intend to give next year’s batch of freshers the experience, wisdom and love that this year’s committee has given me. I want to be an integral part of their first experiences here in London, and what better outlet to do so, than through being an events, liaison, or welfare officer. Whenever anyone needs help or advice, I’ll give it. Whenever somebody has complaints, I’ll entertain them, and if anyone just wants to chat, I will talk until my lame rock jokes pop up.

If successfully elected as an OCM, I will not only follow up on my predecessor’s exploits and events, but attempt to widen the job scope of the OC Members. As it stands, the posts of the OCM have achieved success through planned events and gatherings amongst Imperial students, but why not, with the resources we have, go one step further and collaborate with other London Universities. I feel that interaction with other universities in an informal setting is limited, besides the clubbing events.

Alongside the planning and organisation of past successful events I would:

  • Strengthen ties between other Malaysian Societies. I am sure this can be achieved by organising external and public events. Also, negotiate with other London Universities to open their events to Imperial MSoc members. This will not only provide needed opportunities for members of ICUMS, but create an even larger family of like-minded Malaysians.
  • Expand the job scopes of the OCMs. If the post of Liaison Officer still existed, their objectives would be to promote events other than MNights held by other universities, and even possibly organising talks/seminars by VIPs to benefit Malaysian students. Event Officers and the Welfare Officer have roughly similar objectives, organising activities/outings for members to socialize and celebrate special occasions. Melding the three posts together would almost certainly allow them to work more in unison, encouraging teamwork, equating to even more succesful events
  • Plan and guide a Tour of London specifically aimed at fresher’s pointing out places of interest, and by places of interest, I meant localities for EATING, SHOPPING AND ENTERTAINMENT. As a fresher, I was completely oblivious when I first set foot here, only knowing of Goldmine (due to constant brainwashing by seniors). This may save the future fresher tons of time trying to find the best deals in town!
  • Enlist the help of 2nd and 3rd years living in Sabah, Sarawak, and Penang / Langkawi to organise small, informal gatherings where they can be ambassadors for the committee to interact and provide information to freshers who cannot attend Fresher’s Camp. This could prove to be the nexus between seniors and juniors who do not live near Kuala Lumpur, additionally crafting bonds between members even before the start of term.

Being a current Gabor Hall Committee member, ex-student council public relations and marketing officer of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, and JogForHope sponsorship officer, I believe I have the credentials and experience needed to bring ideas these to fruition and sincerely ask for the opportunity to continue, if not improve the efforts that my seniors have put into MSoc over the past year.

To be frank, initially, I was contemplating on being active in MSoc. I was hellbent on making new “Ang Mo” friends and to make the most out of my time here in the UK, if I had wanted to make more Malaysian friends, why didn’t I just go to UM? But I couldn’t avoid it, everywhere I glanced, I spotted a fellow Malaysian. Their friendliness, a touch of home, that almost always came with a “Hey Bro ~!!” or a “Lah”. The attractiveness of MSoc and love that every single member showed me was too much for me to refuse, and hopefully will continue on for future generations of students.

That’s about it from me

Thanks for your consideration and time.

MSoc for Life !!