Daniel Lim Zhi Ming

Name: Daniel Lim Zhi Ming

Course: 1st Year Mechanical Engineering

Post: President

Proposer: Clayton Qwah (3rd year Physics with Theoretical Physics)

Seconder: Ng Tong Wei (2nd year Biomedical Engineering)

Run-down Post: None


I am not a person known for being emotional or sentimental, but being a member of the Imperial College Malaysian Society has perhaps made an impact in my life significant enough to change this; it has been almost two terms since I came to Imperial as an undergraduate, and months since I’ve been back to Malaysia. It’s strange, but I don’t miss home as much as I thought I would. The sense of unity and support from the people here, whom I’ve come to regard as my second family, has made fitting in at university so much easier. Today, I am deeply proud to call myself a member of ICUMS, a society rich in people and culture.

Life at university is challenging, but I firmly believe that it is during times of great hardship that the most unbreakable bonds of friendship are forged. From the late night dikir sessions, to the extremely frustrating shadow dance practices, Malaysia Night provided the platform that brought us together and I will always cherish the memories I made.

It would be a privilege and honour to be given the opportunity to be your President and I humbly promise to do my very best to serve you and the society to which I am so deeply indebted.

My visions for the society are to:

  • Preserve the standard and integrity of our society
  • Develop and build upon the strong legacy and foundation of MSoc

I aim to achieve these visions by:

1. Continuing to carry on and organize successful MSoc events

I will ensure that the society will continue planning and hosting the events which were found to be beneficial to our society following a specific timeline. I wish to offer the members of our society the same opportunities I was presented with over my time in the society. However, I am looking to improve events which were less impressive than others based on feedback from the members.

2. Developing untapped areas of our society

As a society, I feel that we have achieved so much over the past 7 months. Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement. I intend to build upon our foundation and expand our society in areas we have paid less attention to, such as career oriented events. I am particularly excited about this aspect of our society as it truly presents us with endless opportunities to mold MSoc into something even more special.

3. Integrating more 3rd/ 4th years back into MSoc

The integration of more 3rd and 4th year members back into our society is something which I feel is almost essential for growth. I aim to focus more time and energy into creating environments which would appeal to both the new and old members of our society during our events. At the same time, I intend to pioneer new events which would once again appeal to both parties. I am of the opinion that such events would bring about greater unity and unification amongst members.

The role of president demands a candidate which has the vision and tenacity to carry out his plans to fruition. As a leader, the role demands an immense sense of responsibility and a great attention to detail. But more than that, a president is someone who has to be a friend and a person who will never lose sight of the people he was elected to serve. I promise to persevere and to overcome the challenges I face. Put simply, I humbly ask for the opportunity to give back as much as I can to the society that has changed my life for the better.