E Teng Tan

Full Name: E Teng Tan

Course: Biotechnology

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Zhu Hui Yeap (2nd year medic)

Seconder: Wui Liang Ee (1st year math)


Before coming to Imperial, I never would have thought how MSOC would so easily chase away my fears of being unable to adapt to my new life in the UK. From the pre-departure dinner to the most recent post-Mnight potluck, I have experienced first-hand how the events allowed the freshers to get to know one another. Besides, it provided a chance for everyone to relax and catch up amidst our busy university life in the coming months.

My time spent as a committee member in the fencing committee and prefectorial board in high school and secondary school respectively has honed my time management and organizational skills. This will allow me to juggle between my responsibilities in MSOC and my other commitments well. I am also a responsible person that will accomplish any task given to me to the best of my ability – as evident of my nickname Captain Tan.

If elected, I will carry out events such as:

1. Asking members to provide feedback for events that they would like to have all-year round and organize a range of inclusive events that caters to different interests of the society members.

  • This would allow members to take a more active role in deciding what activities they would like to be involved in.

2. Focus more on the buddy system that involves 1st years to 4th  years so that the freshers will get a chance to know more about their seniors who have more experience and can help them in solving any problems that they might face. One example would be holding friendly competitions between different buddy groups, e.g. Telematch.

3. Outdoor activities such as paintball, canoeing, ice-skating or even going to places like Thorpe Park.

4. Trips to other cities such as Amsterdam, Belgium or anywhere at all during holidays (Christmas break and Easter holidays) when most people would be around. This will provide a good opportunity for people to explore a myriad of European culture while having fun at the same time.

5. Successful events such as potlucks and Ski Trip that were held this year.

  • Outdoor activities and trips would be more inclusive as they would most likely appeal to 3rd year and 4th year students in MSOC. Most importantly, I will plan these events in advance to minimize cost and so that everyone would have sufficient time to respond to the events.

Even though it is only my first year in Imperial, I know that Imperial Malaysian Society will form, to say the least, a large part of my memories of the time I spent in university. By being a committee member, I will be able to ensure that incoming first years will feel welcomed. If elected, I will continue to be an active part of this Malaysian society which is like a second home to all of us. What is most important to me is that I can foster the same feeling of ‘being where you belong’ that I experienced in Imperial Malaysian Society.