Hann Yee Son

Full Name: Hann Yee Son

Course: 1st Year Mechanical Engineering

Post: Vice President

Proposer: Wei Jie Lim (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder: Krystle Chan (1st Year Chemical Engineering)

Run-down Post: Communications Secretary





Back home in Brunei, right between the two halves of East Malaysia, that word would always set me apart. I wasn’t entitled to the benefits the locals enjoyed, nor was I able to fully embrace my Malaysian heritage.

Never would I have thought that it would be in the heart of London where I could finally be proud to bear that label. I found myself in a thriving community and discovered lifelong friends, and I honestly cannot imagine my Imperial experience being any other way.

Being entrusted with the role of Vice President would be a great opportunity to contribute to the group of people that have made all this possible, and ensure that MSoc will always be here for those looking for a place to call home. This will also allow me get directly involved with the heart and soul of my fresher experience: Malaysian Night.


My main goals as Vice President include:

–       Increase the society’s capacity and ability to organize events and cater to the needs of its members.

–       Uphold and raise the quality of Malaysian Night.


In order to achieve this I plan to:

–       Work with the committee to set up a tentative timeline for all events throughout the year and ensuring any cross-society events are scheduled for all those involved early on, addressing an issue that affected the turnout at this year’s Who Boleh.

–       Heighten the society’s profile in the eyes of the public through effective marketing strategies and event planning.

–       Work closely with the President and Treasurer to pursue sponsors and identify other potential sources of income in order to maximize the resources available to the society as a whole.

–       Work with the new Cultural Officer to improve long term scheduling for Mnight, both from a marketing and production standpoint, with initial ideas and concepts proposed very early on.

–       Improve the scope and scale of the Mnight props team to allow for the development of a wider range of ideas.

I’ve dealt with sponsors and budgeting on multiple occasions in the past, once as Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator for a long-term Architecture and Design project in Sandakan, as part of the Fundraising Team for Enactus Imperial and again as Upper School Head Boy. I have also been exposed to stage design and lighting through my summer work placement at a consultancy firm in Shanghai that dealt with stage set-up.

From a creative standpoint, I believe I can apply my experiences in video editing and apply them on stage to the best of my abilities, keeping syncing and audience retention in mind. I was also tasked with motivating a cast and crew when I directed a small-scale production in high school.

However, regardless of what I have done in the past, the role of Vice President will undoubtedly be my most difficult task to date. While I can’t be certain that I have all the answers now, I’m sure I’ll find them, because aside from the strength of the rest of the committee and my passion for this community, there is one thing I am grateful to be that stands on the shoulders of everything else I’ve done: