Jae Haan Lim

Name: Jae Haan Lim

Course: 1st Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Ngian Weichern (3rd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder: Emmilyn Yeoh (2nd Year Materials Science and Engineering)


“Prince Fitzgerald” will now be a name I carry with pride, in remembrance of MNIGHT 2014, where I got the opportunity to meet and spend time with so many friends whom I am proud to call “family”. It is a privilege for me to see the efforts, time and heart put in by so many dedicated individuals to ensure ICUMS lives up to its reputation. Therefore, I would like to contribute to the society with my own capabilities.

Before I proceed with stating my goals, I would like to summarize a few of my past experiences in order to gain your trust as a reliable ICUMS committee member :

2013 – College Student Council Vice President, hosting various events whilst taking care of the welfare of the students.

2012 – Committee for hosting the “30 Hour Famine” event.  I have had the experience of finding multifarious company sponsors by writing proposals and meeting with company managers back in Malaysia.

2011 – Secondary School Sports House Captain, Basketball Captain – Coordinating a large group of people.

Furthermore, as seen in my heavy involvement in MNIGHT, for Shadow Dance, Bollywood and being in the Main Cast, I can assure you my passion and commitment to the society will remain as strong!

My vision is to :

1)   Promote the unity of ICUMS members, both freshers and seniors.

2)   Expanding the horizons of our society’s network and reputation beyond Imperial College’s ground.

I would like to achieve this by:

–       Strengthening the relationship between freshers and seniors. I will do so by implementing a mentor-mentee system even before the freshers arrive in London. (Similar but differs from the buddy system). This society is a home for studnts  away from home and I hope to make each and every lonely soul feel welcomed before arriving.  I will request for the freshers’ courses immediately after they have joined the FB fresher group and assign them buddies a year older in the same course before the freshers dinner.

–       Hosting more social events at the very start of the autumn term to catch more freshers. Showing them the working insights of our society and encouraging them to join our annual flagship event – IMPERIAL MNIGHT.

–       Planning more collaborative events with other Malaysian Societies from other London universities. This move will not only provide opportunities for our members to be expand their network, but by looking at the larger picture, the combined resources between more clubs would allow an increase in the hosting of shared networking, social or career events. And that is an important aspect of university – making new friends, network more, take advantage of our counterparts in UCL or LSE.

–       All of us love food, Malaysian Food! Food is synonymous with Malaysia and as such, one of my aim is to bring more Malaysian food, or any food in that sense, to you, through the organization of more food events, examples being ‘Roti Canai”, “Tang-Yuen”, “Mooncake” nights. This will hopefully satisfy your palate and cravings for food and I have no doubt that an increase in food has a positive correlation with member satisfaction.

–       Planning larger scaled events to gain recognition and put Imperial at the top of the list of competitors for various UKEC awards, for example most unique events, most successful collaborative events etc.

–       I do realize that these events may require a budget in order to be carried out. Therefore, in a more ambitious thought, I would like to introduce the idea of hosting an annual clubbing event for Imperial this year. I have been doing my research and I believe that a clubbing event will definitely increase the funds of our society, if organized properly. I believe that I am the perfect person for this job as I have multiple liaisons in London universities which have planned and executed successful clubbing events.

–       I personally sold 35 UCL MNIGHT tickets and approximately 50 IMEPRIAL MNIGHT tickets, in essence that just sums up my ability of selling tickets. 😉

Thank for reading! Have a great year ahead!