Jason Lee Jie-Shen

Full Name: Jason Lee Jie-Shen

Course: Biomedical Engineering (1st Year)

Post: Vice President

Proposer: Lee Jia Sheng (3rd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Seconder: Christine Ong (2nd year Mathematics)

Run-down Post: Communications Secretary



Yes, Msoc to me is like an addiction: I can never get enough of it. Just like an addiction, Msoc feeds my heart, my soul, and my mind. It made me feel safe and accepted in way that I’ve never truly experienced before. From awkwardly popping up for the pre-departure dinner and apprehensively attending fresher’s camp, to dancing to a heart pounding dhoom machale on stage, and surrounding the entire great hall with my voice, Msoc along with Mnight has truly embraced me, and made me stretch way much further beyond any fence I can imagine. For all this, I shall be forever grateful.

Why am I saying all this? Because ultimately, I firmly believe that Msoc and Mnight are more than just a society to gather Malaysians together. It is a sanctuary, where all members, like me, can come to feel safe, accepted, and appreciated.

As Vice President of ICUMS, my main aim is to include and benefit as many members of ICUMS as possible, as well as establishing it as sanctuary, a place where everyone is accepted and appreciated. A few of my ideas to achieve this are:

1.    Improve the buddy system

As a fresher this year, one of the things that I feel needs the most attention and improvement to is the implementation of the buddy scheme. So far, the groups have not been very successful, as most of the buddy groups have only gone out once or twice. Furthermore, a few people have commented that when they do go out, it feels very awkward, and thus do not want to go out with their buddy group very much. Thus, to help fix this, my plan is to:

–       Ensure that more information about each person is collected and regarded- one of the reasons I believe that people feel awkward around their buddy group is that they do not really have much in common, and thus do not know what to talk about. Difference in personalities have also lead to this awkwardness between members. Thus, by gathering more specific information about each person, such as their personality types and specific hobbies (e.g. classical music, anime, TV, etc), I hope to reduce this barrier and establish new relationships.

–       Implement the scheme earlier- Another reason why I thought the buddy system failed is because it was implemented a little too late, as everyone had started to form cliques, and would rather spend more time with their own friends than the buddy group. Therefore by implementing the scheme earlier, people who do not many members will be more accepted

–       Organise more events for buddy groups- for example, there could be events such as buddy battles, where buddy groups compete against each other in a variety of manners (e.g. sports, quizzes, puzzles, games etc). This would also force buddy groups to actually work together and get to know each other more. Furthermore, prizes can be given to the winning team, which will be incentive for group seniors to actively participate in these activities.

–       Ensure all seniors are committed- Finally, all seniors who agree to be buddy parents must be aware of the responsibilities towards it. Although I would definitely like to encourage more seniors to become parents, but groups who have uncommitted parents will ultimately fail, thus making the scheme useless. 

 2.    Plan more pre-departure events:

Although fresher’s camp was a very effective ice-breaker and friend-maker, many people were unable to attend, thus they were unable to meet fellow Malaysians before departing for London and did not have many people to ask for help or to go out with in the beginning. So by planning more events, people will get the chance to meet other Malaysians apart from those in fresher’s camp. Since planning multiple events involving so many people would be quite difficult, my plan is to organise outings/dinner for those within the same course and/or area.

3.    Involve those who are not part of Mnight:

During the Mnight practice period, I realised that there were very few events that included those that are not part of Mnight. Thus, to help include everyone in Msoc, more events should be planned for those that not involved in Mnight, such as more potlucks/gatherings.

Apart from the general role of vice-president, I would also be tasked with being producer of Mnight, a responsibility I personally find to be the most exciting and challenging part of the role. Mnight is truly a miraculous event. Not only does it push ourselves to achieve unbelievable things, but it also demonstrates one powerful concept: unity. What else can bring all of us together under one roof and support the same cause? Although I am certainly experienced in managing a fully-fledged production team, I believe I am more than capable of doing this. Having experience in all three main aspects of Mnight, dance, acting, and music (although not part of the music team, I do play the cello and am a member of the Sinfonietta), I believe this gives me a well-rounded background which will help in managing the production.

As producer of Mnight, my vision to improve next year’s Mnight would be to:

1.    Expand the music section

Expanding the music section would definitely be a step forwards in creating a more professional production, while enhancing the audience’s experience. To do this, I plan to include more instruments (e.g. there can be more than one violinist) and also to include a drum kit.

2.    Hire better props

To truly enhance the audience’s experience and make Mnight more professional, the props should look authentic and believable. Thus, instead of making our own props from cardboard, I plan to hire the main props from the national theatre. This would also reduce the effort and time into making those props, which can be used to focus on other issues.

3.    Ensure more Great Hall full runs

I felt that for this year, we were quite unprepared for the production as we only had one proper full run in the Great Hall, and as such, we were all still not used to performing on the actual stage (with side stages, props, etc) during the night itself. To prevent this from happening, I will ensure that the Great Hall will be booked more often before the event to allow everyone to feel comfortable with the stage.

4.    PLAN and organise everything early:

To ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible, I will ensure that everything is planned and sorted as soon as possible. As such, I have created a rough plan, including all the names of people I have asked who are interested in choreographing a dance, what dance they plan on choreographing, and a rough timeline of preparation. (to be shown during AGM)

From all this, I believe I have shown a glimpse of not only my passion for having this once in a lifetime chance of producing Mnight, but also my capabilities in planning and organising it. Thus, I find that the two responsibilities of being vice president fit me perfectly. In a way, being vice-president would be like participating for Mnight. Although initially inexperienced, the process of going through Mnight would push myself to achieve something unimaginably great, not just to show to the audience, but to show myself as well.