Jay Vern Lim

Full Name: Jay Vern Lim

Course: Chemical Engineering

Post: Secretary

Proposer: Joanna Wong, Medicine, 2nd Year

Seconder: Justin Yeoh, Aeronautical Engineering, 2nd Year

Run-down Post: N/A


Admittedly, entering university was a daunting prospect in more ways than one. Along with the myriad of new responsibilities, I was worried if I would have the time and ability to have a healthy social life, taking into consideration Imperial College’s infamous academic drive. Within the first few weeks of being in MSoc however, that notion was quickly forgotten. Regular social events, and MNight especially have led to the creation of valuable friendships and memories that I will cherish for a long time to come. I came to realise that the MSoc community thrives on not just an effective committee, but also a community that makes genuine friendship and reciprocation its ethos.

I have seen and been a part of countless birthday surprises, gifts of appreciation and mutual acts of encouragement when MNight practices started to become tiring and hectic. Unlike any other society I have ever been in, this home away from home puts the well being of others as top priority, and this has made being a member of MSoc such a humbling experience. As part of the executive committee, I want to help to continuously give members a sense of belonging, returning back experiences that have made me feel so much at home in the first place.

So how will I approach my pitch for the secretarial position? I intend to avoid a manifesto that includes relatively big ideas, bringing with them the chance they may not be realised due to unforeseen practical issues. I strongly believe that the main provision of ideas rests not only on the committee, but more importantly the members of the society, for the opinions of those directly involved in the proposals are what matter most!

That being said, there are most definitely some aspects that can be fine-tuned and improved, and the following represents a simple list of things that I wish to suggest and/or implement:

1. Receiving constant feedback: I propose the setting up of a Google Doc following each event that we organise. Something similar to the dreaded SOLE, but not as mundane or as serious! While the events are still fresh in their minds, members will be able to give constructive feedback based on what they thought was successful about the event and what can be improved, anonymously so if they wish.

2. Active Transparency: In addition to ordinary general meetings, I will publish a summary of the meeting minutes on the ICUMS website and/or circulate it along with the newsletters, so members will have an idea of the current financial situation of the society, as well as plans for the future.

3. Early Preparation for MNight Publicity: Effective public awareness about our Malaysian Night is integral, and this can be achieved by making preparations for the trailer and the posters well in advance. Workload is generally least during the beginning of the spring term, which will a good time to begin arrangements.

4. Buddy System: I liked the idea that freshers and seniors alike were split into groups based on their interests and subjects. However there was a lack of potential activity following the respective group dinners, and it would be nice if the future buddy seniors are assigned to arrange at least one group trip relevant to the group members’ similarities.

In terms of my suitability for the post, I have had administrative experience in booking flights to Berlin for my college’s gospel choir, which I had also been a member of for 2 years. Additionally, I was also part of creating the itinerary, which included accommodation, local bus tours and confirming the logistics of the choir’s performance at the Berlin Philharmonic. The whole process involved the efficient management of data and serving as the middleman between the college and the relevant authorities, and I hope to transfer these skills towards the secretarial position.

In a nutshell, I am aware of the big responsibilities of being a secretary, especially that of a society as large and vibrant as MSoc. Personally, this experience promises to be an exciting and fulfilling one, and I look forward to learning as much as I can from the people around me. Rest assured, I will put my whole-hearted commitment into ensuring that MSoc’s tradition of making members feel at home is continued and strengthened!