Jeen Yee Foo (Jeannie)

Full Name: Jeen Yee Foo (Jeannie)

Course: Civil Engineering, 1st year

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Rachel Tan Ju-Ai (Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year)

Seconder: Phanit Suvanmani (Chemical Engineering, 2nd year)


“Home is like food, it can be different but still nice.”

The Oxford dictionary defines home as a place where one lives permanently, Wikipedia says home is a dwelling-place and Cambridge dictionary tells us that a home is a building that people, usually a family, live in. But we don’t need anyone else to remind us that a home has the capacity to encompass so much more, because home is where the heart is.

All my life, starting afresh in new environments with new people has always been challenging for me. I was worried about my studies and how I would be making new friends as I came to London. That is why I say with uttermost honesty that I absolutely and zealously appreciate and love MSoc, because the society has played a massive role in helping me find my place here. Not only has the society aided me in my preparation to come to the UK, helped me make friends even before I left Malaysia but it continually acts as a group to make my university life as rich, as satisfying, as fun and as lovely as it is now.

In short, MSoc is now home to me because it helped me integrate into my surroundings. How? Through the various events held throughout the year (E.g. MNight, CNY Dinner and potlucks in general). So, what is MSoc if not for the activities that are relevant to us? Therefore, I believe it is of great importance that the events carried out by the society is for the benefit of the members and serve as a medium for Malaysians to meet and bond with each other. So, if successful, I would achieve this by serving MSoc to deliver the following:

  • Increase involvement of ALL freshers.

The level of involvement with MSoc varies with people; therefore, I propose to take the buddy scheme to a higher level, because the buddy scheme essentially can focus on smaller groups of people. So for instance, the seniors tasked would collaborate with one other group to have dinner/potluck at their respective places to add a personal touch. With this, freshers would be encouraged to meet new people by the more personal interaction within smaller groups. Not only that, I propose a Christmas event for people who would be remaining in London, like a Christmas dinner and Secret Santa.

  • Increase activities that require less funds

I understand that finances normally restrict the type of events and its frequency, so I would like to suggest events like treasure hunts and telematches over day trips because chiefly, they are more affordable. My idea of the treasure hunt would be on the scale of the entire campus (could be in Hyde Park), where a combination of station games and treasure hunting activities are challenges that participants must undergo. Because events like sports and games possess higher chances for people to bond by working together as a team and getting to know each other whilst having fun.

  • Improve existing events

The existing events such as Halloween Potluck, CNY Dinner, and other potlucks are great as it is now, but I believe there is still room for improvement. The best method is to start early so that booking of good and spacious venues are possible. For potlucks, better estimation of the amount of food can be improved. And above all, I would try my best to bring about events that are free of charge–because we are all only students.


For all the plans and ideas to be executed, I agree that proper and relevant experiences are required. So, I would say that I have the capabilities to carry them out, for I have been put to charge of tasks before. My experiences stem from my past involvement as camp committee for church youth camp, secretary and treasurer of swimming club and the school editorial board and acting as an international student ambassador to Denmark. These experiences have taught me enough to shoulder responsibilities and take charge of tasks.

My plans and vision for MSoc may be idealistic, and there will be challenges, but despite them, I promise give my very best, to provide the members what they want and what they deserve and to carry out events that will be remembered.