Jia Teng Oo

Full Name: Jia Teng Oo

Course: 1st Year Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Post: Sports Secretary

Proposer: Jin Wern Low ( 3rd year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder : Yu Bin Ng (2nd year Joint Maths and Computing)

Run-down Post: Committee Member


To start off with the oldest cliché in the book – MSoc is Ohana, and Ohana means family. Undoubtedly this is how I feel by being a part of this amazing society. Initially, being so far away from home, I have concerns about fitting in to the life here in Imperial. However, after joining MSoc, I can finally be at ease. The people in MSoc are so friendly and awesome that they have genuinely made me feel at home, and that this group of people have made my first year in Imperial truly unforgettable. By being in MSoc, I have met many people through Mnight practices, social events (potluck,CNY dinner etc), and last but not least, sport sessions. Now, let me get straight to the point.

When I first came to Imperial College London, I was expecting lots of sports sessions as I saw from the undergraduate prospectus that the sports facilities looked marvelous and first class. However, I was too naive to expect that it was free and I can enjoy whatever sports I want all the time. For the duration I have been here, the times for basketball was inconsistent and sometimes there isn’t any session at all. As for badminton, the situation is even worse. To be honest, I feel very unhappy when I can’t even enjoy the sports I like after a long week of study and labs. That’s why I want to be sports secretary. I want to ensure that the freshers and MSoc members never experience these situations ever again, at least during my second year.

Hence, I have the following proposals for MSoc:

1. Block book of basketball courts, football pitches and badminton courts and introduce a variety of sports other than the 3 main ones  (basketball, football and badminton)

–   to ensure that there will be sports sessions every week for MSoc members to enjoy.

–   so that members who don’t play these 3 sports can enjoy other sports with other members

–   members can request a sport and if there is sufficient response the society can organise it

2. Establish a stronger communication between our sports team and other society’s sports team

–   this way we can polish our skills through friendly games, learn from each other and strive to improve

–  so that our teams are more prepared for competitions as well

3. Introduce a sports day which also includes the 3 main sports, not just only telematches and recreational sports (frisbee, dodgeball, captain ball).

– can have inter year competitions and discover some of the sports talents of freshers and seniors to put together strong, competitive teams.

– This is actually important to unite all 4 years ( how many of the freshers actually know the 3rd and 4th years ?)

4. Introduce inter-year leagues which comprises of a variety of games and points accumulation.

–  this is very effective in getting a lot of people to participate as every game they participate will account for something.

– highly effective in getting all years to mix around as the 3rd and 4th years will not want to lose and will show their faces in the games

5. Rework sports budget to deliver more quality and being realistic at the same time.

– this is taking the experience from past years and improve.

In order to succeed in these tasks, I realise that it will take up a lot of resources. Therefore, I will definitely fight for an increase in sports budget if necessary to accomplish my duties.

I humbly ask of you to entrust this duty to me. My only wish is that the freshers and MSoc members can have nice and relaxing sports sessions after a week’s long of homework and stress. A wise one once said- “I have to trust what I do and then do it.” I have faith in what I do, and now it’s just up to you. Lend me your hands and you shall have a wonderful time ahead!

Thank you.