Jia Wen Fu (Sharon)

Full Name: Jia Wen Fu (Sharon)

Course: Chemistry, 1st Year

Post: Secretary

Proposer: Yi Ting Low (Materials Science and Engineering, 3rd Year)

Seconder: Shi Khai Wei (Biology, 2nd Year)

Run-down Post: None


When I first came to London, I wasn’t sure if I could fit in when I arrived. New environments have never been easy, but it’s all thanks to MSoc that dissipated these feelings as well as curing my homesickness. So I thought to myself, what better way is there to thank all of you other than wanting to be a part of the committee and providing the same comfort back to all of you? I have never felt more inspired to deliver the same thrilling and unforgettable experience that the past 5 months has brought me.

In my past experiences, I have taken on the responsibility of the Food & Beverage department for the Diwali Night event back in college. Here, our department had to negotiate with several catering business to negotiate suitable prices of food for approximately 400 people. Furthermore, I have also had the opportunity to be a committee member for the Love For Haiti high school dance – a fundraising event where all proceeds are donated to went support the earthquake relief efforts.

Although I may not have previous secretarial experiences, there had never been a time when I felt such strong passion and desire to be in an executive committee. It has always been “wishy-washy” decisions where I did it because no one else would take up the job. Now that I’m given the chance to put my determination and enthusiasm in being your secretary, I would gladly do what it takes to have you believe my word when I explain why not only am I suitable for the position, but am capable enough to contribute more to our society, strengthening the bonds of our fellowship.

If elected as your secretary, my aims are to:

1. Improve communication between the committee and its members

  • Currently, any queries of members are usually asked only during OGMs which only occur twice in an academic year, which may not be enough. I propose that an online forum should be available online for these issues, where it can be readily accessible for any member with the same uncertainty. Replies would be given within 24 hours, where hopefully the issue would be resolved.
  • The feedback form was only available to members now that the academic year is reaching its end. I propose that it should be made available all year round in order for the committee to keep track on what they should be improving on.

2. Improve transparency of meeting minutes, OGM

  • Members are unaware of what the committee does for the society – some ponder whether they are doing anything in the benefit for them. From this, a summary of meeting minutes should be taken and included in newsletters to keep members updated regarding any ideas brought up and being considered.

3. Keep ICUMS more organized

  • An online calendar / timeline of events could be made available to the members. This would give them a clear idea of what is to happen after the handover of committee, starting from the Leavers’ Farewell to the last event (AGM). If the date of event is only an estimate – it will be included.
  • ICUMS website would be updated more regularly with the help of the Communications Secretary, where a short report of every event would be published. An option is that newsletters could be uploaded online as well as emailed.

As a committee member, I would hope to bring upon to MSoc:

  1. “Tips” section in newsletters – includes list of to-go places (in & out of London) / fun to-do things
  2. Better allocation of buddy groups – giving freshers preference of members (freshers /seniors)
  3. Competitions – groups may be Seniors vs. Juniors / Buddy Groups / etc
  • Amazing Race
  • Fundraising for charity

I am aware of the oncoming challenges, and welcome them with open arms and a sincere learning attitude. With the help of the committee, I believe that the Malaysian Society will reach new heights. Holding onto my passion, determination and commitment to MSoc, I hope my words have reached you and that you would put your trust in me as the next secretary for our society.