Justin Yong Siyuan

Full Name: Justin Yong Siyuan

Course: Chemical Engineering MEng, 1st Year

Post: Secretary

Proposer: David Leng (Chemical Engineering, 2nd Year)

Seconder: Wee Kii Teh (Biotechnology, 2nd Year)

Run-down Post: Committee Member


Hi guys! WASSUP!

My parents have always told me that university is where you form strong bonds of friendship and have the time of your life. At first, I disagreed with them because the heavy workload and constant deadlines hardly gave me a chance to enjoy myself and socialise much. However, after I joined MSoc and MNight, I had fun. A lot of fun.  And therefore I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the seniors and freshers that helped to brighten my life up this year.

Through MSoc, I did not just develop new friendships; I acquired a new family, a family away from home. I have often complained and thought about giving up due to the workload and stress that we Imperial students receive every day, but this family was always there supporting me and pushing me through all the obstacles. MSoc has been the pillar of my social life, providing me the opportunities to form memorable experiences with my peers and seniors through food outings, theatre trips, sports events, and of course, MNight.

Therefore, as a Malaysian, I feel the need for me to give back to the society and ensure that this “family” tradition goes on forever.

As a nominee for Secretary of MSoc, these are some of the main objectives I propose:

1. Providing everyone an opportunity to share their opinions, ideas, and feedback about MSoc:

–        Sending out feedback forms after every event.

–        Create a comment box on the website for people to write in, anonymously if wished.

2. Make minutes of meetings public to members of the society:

–        A brief summary about upcoming events and activities that the committee are planning on organising, hopefully to increase awareness and attendance.

–        Confidential information such as details about sponsors and financials of the society will not be included.

3. Design the newsletters to be more attractive and interesting:

–        Increase number of photos showing people having fun from past events.

4. Improve efficiency of bookings for Mnight practice:

–        Release schedules of practices at least one week before the date.

–        Take into consideration of other activities such as Lion Dance (On Saturdays) and taking into account the time for everyone to get their meals.

–        Always be prepared to deal with double bookings.

5. Always be approachable, by email, in person, Whatsapp or any method of communication and be prepared to deal with emergency occurrences.

Previously, I have been a Financial Director and Secretary of the Interact Club for 2 different years in my college, Garden International School.  These positions have provided me with the experience of organising files, writing minutes for meetings, keeping every member posted about events and most importantly, learning how to engage with every single member of the society. I have also volunteered in teaching refugees, planning classes for children and being a prefect and a senior prefect.

I know that this position is very important and comes with great responsibility. Therefore, I will be committed to my job and ensure that I will put in all my effort and dedication, as I am one who seeks perfection in terms of completing tasks such as ensuring documents are written in a suitable format and using appropriate vocabulary. Therefore, not only do I believe that I will enjoy this position because the qualities required suit my personality, but I am well fit for the job.

Finally, I would like to thank those who spent their precious time to read this. Thank you and I promise that I will do my best in living up to your expectations and the standards of the society in order to uphold the reputation of MSoc. I believe I have the passion and dedication to become the Secretary of MSoc, making it a better home for everyone.