Mun Chun Mah

Full Name: Mun Chun Mah

Course: Civil Engineering 1st Year

Post: Sports Secretary

Proposer: Justin Yeoh ( Aeronautical Engineering 2nd Year )

Seconder: Son Hann Yee ( Mechanical Engineering 1st Year )

Run-down Post: None


Why do I wish to serve?

The first thing anyone’s ever told me about MSoc was that it was like their home away from home. I wasn’t skeptical nor was I impressed. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe them, I simply didn’t care. I was going to be an Imperial student, I wouldn’t even have time to sleep. I didn’t need a home away from home; I needed a way to survive the next 4 years.

Its only now, 5 months down the road and Mnight behind me that I realized that the seniors knew what they were talking about. It wasn’t just them trying to convince everyone to join Msoc and Mnight, they actually felt and came to the realization of what had just dawned on me. That the family I’ve met here in Imperial IS my way of surviving the next 4 years with my sanity intact. Even 15,600 km away from home, I’ve been lucky enough to meet people that I feel comfortable around enough with to burst randomly into song and to just be myself.

It is for this reason that I want to give back to MSoc, to somehow help my family be better in some way, however small it might be. That’s why I chose to serve as Sports Sec, because I have a family that I genuinely am glad to get out of bed for at 8am in the morning to see.

My vision for Msoc’s sports is a simple one. I want it to be the conduit between seniors and freshers. Visiting my sister in Exeter, I see how her seniors treat their juniors. They walk past each other in the hall without acknowledging each other and I’m horrified. Our seniors have always made it a point to be our friends instead of our seniors. And I believe that sports are the way in which we can continue that tradition. After all, you can’t really pretend not to know someone after you’ve slammed his face in with a foam ball with all your strength behind it. I want to help MSoc to continue doing exactly what it’s been doing; making Imperial slightly less scary with the best family I could have asked for, the only way I know how.

To do this, I have 3 very specific goals in mind if I’m elected.

  1. Have beginner friendly sessions for all sports.
  2. Introduce foam dodgeball to MSoc.
  3. Introduce flat rates for singular sports instead of the current GBP 35 umbrella pass.

The problem with the 3 “big” sports – Basketball, Badminton and Football is that you need to be somewhat skilled in the sport to be able to play it for fun. I hope to solve this via the beginner friendly sessions where beginners or those who play the sport casually can just have fun while still having separate sessions for others where the sport can be played at a competitive level.

Dodgeball is another solution because:

  1. The balls are foam, not rubber, so it’s like being hit with a sponge.
  2. If throwing the ball to eliminate someone nets you 1 point, then catching a thrown ball nets you 2 points.
  3. You don’t have to be muscled like a greek god to be good at dodgeball. Everyone is on a level playing field due to the catching system.
  4. Unlike swinging a racket, there’s no specific technique you have to learn, anyone can throw a ball.

Finally, I’ve heard a lot of feedback regarding sports and many find it unfair to the badminton players who’ve paid for the umbrella pass but was unable to play weekly due to there being a lack of courts. I personally believe that the best solution to this would be to do away with the umbrella pass and replace it with passes for individual sports. With such a system in place, members will get their money’s worth and this will hopefully convince those who only want to play one particular sport to sign up.

A quick summary of my sports related experiences, just so I can convince you that I’m not just all talk:

  • President of the Badminton Club back in High School
  • Captain of the Red House back in High School
  • I’m currently in talks with the Beit Union to see if I can secure a cheaper venue ( Beit Concert Hall ) for Dodgeball sessions.
  • I already organize weekly sports sessions for whoever’s free to come. Dodgeball, basketball and the occasional Frisbee sessions.

I leave you now with one final promise that I hope will show you the depth of my resolve. If I’m elected as the next Sports Sec, I’ll gladly sacrifice my Saturday morning sleep to wake up at 7am for the sports sessions.