Samuel Soh Boon Sem

Name: Samuel Soh Boon Sem

Course: Civil Engineering

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Chan Jian Hao (2nd Year Civil Engineering)

Seconder: Niruthavignesh Sundararajah (1st Year Civil Engineering)


When I had first gotten my offer from Imperial College, I was obviously ecstatic and excited with the prospect of studying in a top-notch university 10 564.533km away from home in a city famous for its many iconic attraction. But at the same time, I was anxious and nervous; I was not sure what to expect. How should I apply for a visa? What should I do when I first reach London? Will I be able to settle well in London? Thankfully, all these were put to rest by the Imperial College Union Malaysian Society. MSoc has helped me a lot in preparing myself for life in Imperial, and I have also made many friends through MSoc’s various activities. All these have made me feel at home in a place far from home, and I would like to play a part in continuing and improving on what my predecessors have done.

I believe I have the capabilities to be a Committee Member. I have been a School Prefect and an A-Level Student Council Member, roles that I believe have helped prepare me for these roles. I am able to organise and plan activities well, and can be relied upon to carry out my duties diligently. Aside from that, I communicate well with others, and I believe in making sure everyone’s opinions are taken into account before a decision is made.

The following are several proposals in mind:

Day trips in London

I believe when people come to Imperial to study, they should go and explore the many attractions London has to offer. I would like to organize trips to places like the British Museum, Stratford or maybe even a London football stadiums tour during the first few weeks of the coming academic year. These trips would most probably not even cost a thing, aside from tube or bus fares, and would be targeted more towards freshers who are in London for the first time, although it would definitely be open to all MSoc members.

Theatre trips

While it is nice to offer trips for a variety of musicals/plays, I believe it is also in every members’ interest to have more than one trip to musicals/plays that are in high demand, such as Wicked and Phantom of the Opera. Many people who wanted to go missed out due to lack of availability or because they had tests or coursework deadlines the next day, and I believe it is fair to have a second trip to some of these musicals again. In this system, people who have gone for the first trip will not be eligible to go for the second trip.

Buddy group

I believe the buddy group system is a brilliant system, but I would like to encourage more interaction within buddy groups, perhaps with methods similar to the one used this year (have buddy groups go to restaurants/cafes) but carried out at a more regular basis.

I have had a wonderful experience joining MSoc and I am passionate to help ensure MSoc members in the coming year have the same experience as I have had next year. Thus I hope you would place your vote for me, and, if elected, I will do my best to make next year’s MSoc experience even greater.

Lots of MSoc love