Wei Ming Ng

Full Name: Wei Ming Ng

Course: Chemical Engineering (1st Year )

Post: Sports Secretary

Proposer: Amir Mashkuri ( Civil Engineering, 3rd Year )

Seconder: Kyle Hellemans ( Chemical Engineering, 3rd Year )

Run-down Post: None


If one of Imperial College Union Malaysian Society‘s core objective is to provide for the welfare and foster interaction and camaraderie amongst Malaysian students, sport is undoubtedly a medium for the society to fulfil the club’s goals. If asked to elucidate the importance of sports especially for youths, the saying “Badan Cergas, Otak Cerdas” speaks for itself.(+1 penggunaan peribahasa dalam karangan). In all seriousness, I myself have found the truth in this cliché proverb when sport was my remedy after a long week of lectures. I want to take up the role of Sports to return the favour the society has done for me. I want to duplicate and further improve on existing efforts to reach out to every member of the society.

It would be an honour to be given the chance to serve the society through a platform where I am most passionate in. Whether I get elected or not, my vision for the sports aspects of the society will remain the same and I intend to do this by:

1) Encouraging higher and more active participation of members

An average of about only 6-8 freshers attend each sports session every week. Of the total number of about 150 first years at Imperial, this participation rate is weak and the numbers will continue to decrease (usual participants not going anymore due to lack of friends and dull monotonous training routines). Besides just doing administrative roles as a Sports Secretary, I will reach out with a more personal approach to members who I find to be inactive and promote activities that cater to every one of their needs. I will also take into account their criticisms constructively so that they themselves can benefit from the society.

2) Resurrecting SPORTS DAY

Fancy the idea of teaming up with fellow freshers beating your seniors to a game of football? Sports Day in ICUMS has always been one of the most anticipated and fun events in MSoc besides the flagship event MNight. Unfortunately due to financial reasons, sports day was cancelled this year. Cost is an issue. For example, the prize money of £250 of previous years albeit attractive can be reduced and I am certain members will still participate purely for social and athletic gains rather than monetary remunerations.

A difference I would like to introduce is an inter-course…,no I mean, inter-department category on Sports Day. E.g ( Chemical Engineering vs Civil Engineering). A major event like this would typically be planned during the first term of the year.

3) Organizing unorthodox sport events

I plan to also organise some of the more unusual sports such as Scrabble, Chess, Chinese Chess, Pool or even Hiking and Indoor Rock Climbing. Basically anything you can think of! This will obviously not be held in regular sessions but maybe a one time event. Typically I want to organise events like these during term breaks .I want to allow members to experience something they have never tried and possibly foster hidden talent and enthusiasm that will sustain.

4) Improve and frequently/regularly publish the Sports Newsletter

One reason for low participation rates are due to poor communication of information regarding sport sessions to members. The Sports Newsletter is a brilliant idea however the reasons of it being infrequent is due to late updates from respective sport captains regarding venue and time. I will ensure proper communication is achieved between the Sports Secretary and the captains. My aim is to have finalised details by the Wednesday of the week for sessions during the weekend.


A sports competition among the Malaysian societies of London-based universities should be held, implying the organising of a London Games in liaison with sports committees of UCL, LSE, Queen Mary, City, and more. More cohesive sport events between the different international student societies in Imperial would also be ideal.

6) Forming a running/cycling community

Match members with similar endurance levels and passion to have jogging sessions weekly in Hyde Park. Sessions will only last from 20-40 minutes. Pair members through a Buddy System so as to encourage support and to monitor progress. Forming a ICUMS outdoor physical community is entirely free and is ideal for members who do not want to pay for ETHOS membership.

7) Tennis as a major sporting club in ICUMS

One of the common complaints I have received from peers is the lack of a platform to play tennis. It is obvious why a tennis club is difficult to establish and sustain due to a lack in popularity amongst Malaysians but I believe there are members who are keen are very passionate and enthusiast Tennis lovers. By having an active tennis community in ICUMS, the more experienced players can and are willing to coach fellow friends without cost of hiring a coach. I believe many Malaysians will want to try out a new and more “foreign” sport being abroad but sadly don’t know how to start.

8) Information about Sport Championship Tickets

While studying here, we should not miss the chance to watch our favourite athletes in action in a once in a lifetime opportunity. To name a few, Wimbledon during the summer, All-England Open Badminton Championships, EPL and FA cup. I promise to do my best by working alongside the Events Officer to find discounted tickets for those interested if possible and at most provide information and plan visits as groups if such event is popularly requested.

I am running for this role because I believe in the visions I have for Imperial College Union Malaysian Society, our home away from home. My previous experience as Secretary for the Leo Club and Football Team in my former secondary school will come in useful. I am confident that I have the capabilities to bear the obligations bestowed alongside the other talented candidates for the committee.

I hold in high regard what ICUMS have done for all members especially in the ease of finding a sporting community here. I want to provide support and assistance to the sporting needs of everyone in the society from freshers to postgraduate students.

#MajulahSukanNegara #MajulahSukanICUMS