Wui Liang Ee

Name: Wui Liang Ee

Course: 1st Year Mathematics

Post: Treasurer

Proposer: Christine Ong Sing Ying (2nd Year Mathematics)

Seconder:  Low Yi Ting (3rd Year Material Engineering)

Run-down Post: Communications Secretary


“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.”- Lilo & Stitch

A quote from a cartoon?! But hey, this is what Msoc means to me.  After being enrolled in Imperial, here’s what I thought my everyday conversation will be like: “Hello mate, what’s the square of sqrt(-shit) ? Shit just got real!” But after being drowned in those lame jokes, experimenting crazy stunts after MNight practice, singing “I Love Chinese Food” during Ski Trip and witnessing drunk version of MNight after MNight, all this feels like Ohana. Msoc gives me the feeling that I’ve found the right place to be at, the right people to hang out with and that I’ve made the right choice. That 5 pound membership fee was like a early Christmas present, cause it was worth so much more.

As to why I’m running for treasurer? I would like to contribute back to the society in every way possible with my given skill set. I was the elected treasurer for CAL Student Council back in Taylor’s College. In the process of seeking sponsorship, I’ve learnt not to go seek blindly but to target on potential sponsors that would benefit the most out of us.  Looking back when I was collecting donations for 30-hour Famine by World Vision Malaysia, I was holding at least RM 3k in my backpack everyday. Hence, I dare say that I will be meticulous when it comes to handling the society’s money.

In my view, the role as a treasurer sets the boundary of how much the society can achieve. Every event that the society organises may have outstanding ideas but are restricted on the budget outlined. With my past experience and coupled with my passion towards Msoc, I aim to relieve Msoc from any financial constrain.

Here are a few goals I aim to achieve during my tenure:

1) Getting more sponsorship

I do believe that sponsors nowadays no longer appeal to static advertising. However, I aim to close the deal through creative ways by providing out of the box services for our sponsors.

2) Sustainability

Msoc should not solely rely on sponsorship, as it is not consistent for the next term. I propose organising more profit-generating events that welcome not just Imperial students but all students in London.

3) Distribution of funding

The budget for each event should be distributed proportionally based on the number of attendees. This ensures that the funds are not skewed towards any specific group of members.

I hope that I’ve convinced you that I’m capable to take up this position. Take a leap of faith and vote for me!!