Zhen Xiang Lian

Full Name: Zhen Xiang Lian

Course: Chemical Engineering, 1st Year

Post: Treasurer

Proposer: Mariana Popa (Biomedical Science, 2nd Year)

Seconder: Liek Xi Bong (Chemical Engineering, 2nd Year)

Run-down Post: None


Words are not enough to fully describe my sense of belonging in Imperial College Union’s Malaysian Society (MSoc). For past 5 months, MSoc has never failed to fulfill its missions in taking care of welfares of each and every one of us, and more importantly, in uniting us as one big family, giving us the feeling of home. In the effort of accomplishing its goals and objectives, events such as The Welcome Dinner for freshers, ski trip to France, Chinese New Year Dinner and not to forget our super awesome Malaysian Night 2014 were held. All these events wouldn’t be as successful as they were, without a meticulous budget planning and also the challenging process of sponsorship sourcing.

The first and foremost reason why I am running for the post of treasurer is because I believe I can definitely make my biggest contribution to the society by taking up this responsibility. This is based on my financial management abilities and my past experience during my time in college. Being involved in annual KDU University College Malay Cultural Night organizing committee, I was given great and big responsibilities in both sponsorship and ticketing teams. In fact, I was able to raise funds which were large enough to cover up the cost of lightings and the PA system for the show. My experience in looking for sponsorships for such cultural events was truly challenging but gratifying as I have learnt how to deal with sponsors and fully understand their needs from us if they were to grant us with their sponsorships.

My preliminary goal for this post is to maintain the financial sustainability of the society meanwhile prioritizing the welfares of our members. This is so that the main objectives of the society can be attained. Therefore, I have few plans that I hope to implement if I were elected:

  1. A more proactive effort in getting sponsorship. Personally, I believe sponsorship is a matter of the utmost importance for a society although a lot of efforts have to be contributed in order to secure sponsorships due to various uncertainties. Hence, I suggested the effort of looking for sponsorship should be started earlier and currently I have drafted a timeline for sponsorship sourcing in order to raise enough funding to run next academic term events. Besides, I would like to aim for more medium-scale companies for sponsorship meanwhile continuing to ask for sponsorship increment from current sponsors.
  2. Organizing healthy profit-making events such as a fun run which involves a large crowd. Such events are usually low-cost but need to be more publicized. Besides, I would suggest that the profit earned through this event to be partially donated as charity because this will indirectly attract more sponsors in long run and enhance our society’s reputation.
  3. Improvise the budget planning of every single event to cater to very member’s needs. If possible, I would like to increase the subsidies for members in certain events which will be able to involve more members, not only focusing on freshers.
  4. Work together with communication secretary to improve the layout of our official website and fully utilize the website as a way to cater to our sponsors’ publicity needs.

‘Sharing is Caring’. In a nutshell, I am here to share my experience with the Malaysian Society members and I truly hope that my experience in the past would be beneficial to the future development of the society. I understand the role of a treasurer is never easy but I have strong faith that I can definitely make my best effort to strive for the best achievement in MSoc.

Thank you.