Freshers’ Camp ’14

Imperial College Union Malaysian’s Society annual Fresher’s Camp was held from 22nd of August until 24th of August. Following suit from last year, it was a 3-day 2-night camp held at a campsite with a reasonable distance from the city’s centre. This year, we chose to organise the camp at NUBE Training Centre, Port Dickson located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The venue was well suited to our needs as they are frequently used by corporates and schools for seminars, and hence providing satisfying facilities.

The vital aim of the camp was to better prepare the incoming batch of freshers for the daunting journey of studying and living in a place far away from home, allowing them to feel more comfortable in a new social setting, as well as to provide a platform to cultivate friendships, find mutual support and be more informed about university life. With the thorough planning of activities, we believe that we have achieved this goal, from ice-breaking games,  speech by Teach for Malaysia’s representative, talks by 2ndyear undergraduate students regarding to Life in Imperial, structured games such as treasure hunt, course briefing and cultural night.


With the previous activities incorporated, our hopes of enabling the building of bonds between juniors and seniors, and among juniors has been fulfilled. It was unmistakable that the incoming freshers had so much excitement for their first year in London by the end of the camp as their questions, misunderstandings and doubts were cleared. The ICU Malaysian Society takes pride in being able to create such a platform where the beginning of unforgettable bonds were established between juniors and seniors, as well as among the juniors themselves. With this relationship built up, we could not be any prouder to see that they will definitely have an easier time settling down in London upon arrival.

The number of attendees who signed up this year is significantly higher than our target. Although a few of them withdrew due to unforeseen circumstances, it was a new record for the society. Not only that, the number of participating freshers increased by 60% as compared to the previous year. We are proud to be the organiser for such a great event.

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