Warren Chan of Social Entrepreneurship Asia, hosted by TalentCorp

21st October 2014. Warren Chan of Social Entrepreneurship Asia paid a visit to Imperial College London to give a talk on social entrepreneurship as a whole and share his experiences in the field. The attendees got a break down of the concept and we’re treated with examples of social entrepreneurship back in Malaysia. They were also given advice on how to identify and start potential social initiatives.

Warren Chan’s visit was facilitated by TalentCorp, who also chimed in with their experiences working in Malaysia. Warren himself added a personal touch to the discussion and described his take on certain topics that the audience took interest to.

The talk provided a great opportunity for our members to learn more about the area of social entrepreneurship and get in touch with a leader in field. The event ended with refreshments for all in the form of good, hearty nasi lemak.

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