Brianna Chang

Full Name: Chang Pei Shan (Brianna)

Course  : Mathematics

Post: Committee Member (Welfare officer)

Proposer: Wen Han Yap (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder: E Teng Tan (2nd Year Biotechnology)


Hi, I am Brianna Chang.
Initially, I thought my first year would have been a disaster as it has always been really difficult for me to adapt to a brand new environment, but surprisingly, I never felt that way throughout my first year at all! Why? It is all because of Malaysian Society. Msoc is not merely a society but a home for all its members. It gives the members a chance to build a very strong bond between each other and I strongly feel that this culture and tradition of Msoc should be carried on infinitely. My manifesto will focus mainly on the organization of the pre-departure dinner, fresher’s camp and buddy’s family. In my opinion, these three events are the major platforms for juniors to get to know more about MSoc and to feel the ‘Msoc Love’.

Our senior, Cindy has done a really good job on hosting these three events. I have listed alternative ideas that can be used to improve the events:
1) Pre-departure dinner.
The pre-departure dinner is a crucial opportunity for the freshers to get to know more about their future life in London and to obtain more information about any concerns or questions that they might pose. Thus, I hope to involve as many freshers as possible in the pre-departure dinner. Last year, the two main reasons that resulted in low attendance for the pre-departure dinner were:


Location and venue.


The location for the dinner was located in KL and it was very inconvenient for those staying far away (eg, Sarawak and Johor) to come over just for a dinner.


I would suggest having representatives from different states based on the hometowns of the freshers. From our batch of freshers, I feel that we should have a representative from East Malaysia and Penang. They can have a simple dinner gathering with the freshers at their respective hometowns so that all freshers would be able to attend the pre-departure dinner.

Venue-wise, I am still looking for some restaurants or an open area that would give us space for socializing.


Inconvenient date


For last year’s event, the date of the dinner was set sometime around the mid of August which was right after the unconditional results for A-Levels were finalized. It was too short a notice for some of us to make time to attend it especially the JPA scholars, as they needed time to settle their documents and UK visa application.


For this year, I hope to organize the dinner in early September. However, the dates are subject to changes and I would also take into consideration the dates convenient for seniors to attend the dinner.

After attending last year’s dinner, there are some improvements that I would like to suggest.



The interaction between seniors and freshers was somewhat awkward at times.


Having an ice-breaking session in the form of a game to help the seniors and freshers interact with one another.



Not all the freshers were able to obtain enough information in preparation of leaving to the UK, in particular, those who did not attend the fresher’s camp.

We can have a general Q&A session (maybe during the ice-breaking session!). With this, I hope to ensure that everyone gains at least some form of useful information to bring home after the dinner besides making new friends and getting to know one another. Of course a complete handout regarding all the information that they should know will be uploaded to social media after the camp.


2) Freshers’ camp.

Last year’s freshers’ camp received positive feedbacks from our peers. Hence, I would like to focus on how to increase the involvement of freshers. I have figured out ways to attract more freshers.

Video promotion

I have received some feedback from the freshers that they regret not attending the camp. With this we can conclude that obviously the freshers don’t really know what the camp entails and how much fun they can experience from it. Hence, I would like to suggest producing a short video which includes the seniors’ comments and feedbacks about the previous camps that they have attended. This would help the freshers have an idea of what the freshers’ camp would be like and hopefully attract more people.


3) Buddy family.
This scheme works for most of the freshers as it really helps prepare us to face the hardships equipped with advice from seniors. In fact, I came up with several ideas on how to improve this scheme.
Variety of seniors in a family

I noticed that most of the parents in the families this year are from the same course. This brings the negative side of less outing in that particular family, as the parents are busy with studies at the same time. Thus, if possible, I suggest that the seniors are grouped up properly in order to take well care of their own kids. While one parent is busy with his/her studies, we still have another parent to attend to their ‘kids’.


Besides, the ratio of parents to kids should be equally spread out. We have some families with fewer kids but with more parents this year.


More interactions between families.

The aim of the scheme is to strengthen the relationships between seniors and freshers. Thus we can have some inter-family bonding session. We can have at least one compulsory inter-family outing and one family outing. Besides, we can organize games between the families throughout. For example, Assassins game is an interesting game to play between two to three families. Playing games can also help freshers to get to know one another better.


Other than these 3 events, I wish to improve the involvement of third year and fourth year seniors as well. I have this idea to organize this activity name “Angel and Human!” where it involves many participants.

This activity involves assigning someone to be your angel and you are the angel of someone else. What is required from this game is only letter writing. The letters will be sent to each other every Wednesday during Msoc practice. The identity of angels and human will be kept a secret until Christmas Day when we will reveal the angel and human identities! The Angel will prepare a present for the human and reveal themselves on that day. The Angels also have to secretly take care the human.

All in all, I am confident and passionate to run these events as well as the post. I am also a friendly person that the freshers will find easy to talk to.

Thank you for your time. I hope you are as excited as I am in organizing three events.

Once again, I am Brianna Chang. Thank you!