Carolyn Seow

Full name: Carolyn Seow Ky Lyn

Course: 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Proposer: Jason Lee Jie-Shen (2nd Year, Biomedical Engineering)

Seconder: Dustin Chung (2nd Year, Chemistry)

Run-down post: Ordinary Committee Member


Never would I have imagined that coming to London would help me foster such a tight-knit relationship with the Malaysian community in the UK. A few days upon arrival in London, my possessions and identification documents were stolen, much to my despair. However, I found comfort in the solace of the other Malaysians who were willing to go out of the way to help me out despite not knowing each other very well. The first few weeks of my life in London were the most challenging periods of my entire life but the experience itself made me extremely grateful and appreciative of the other Malaysians for their generosity and sincerity.

Msoc was not only a source of fun and entertainment; it has also provided me a family away from home. Being away from home can be a daunting time but my time in Msoc is truly a reminder that you are never truly alone – once a Malaysian, always a Malaysian.


If elected as the secretary of the Malaysian Society, I aim to:


Provide a bridge of communication between members and committee members


Crucial to provide a bridge of contact between members and committee by removing segregation of power. Involve members more proactively in our events by asking for volunteers and awarding certificate in recognition of their performance.

Propose an online platform that allows members to voice out opinions/ complaints/ criticisms on our events and towards the committee.

Complaints should be addressed as soon as possible by an independent panel and should achieve a resolve within a certain time frame.


Improve accessibility to club records and minutes.

Propose an online folder sharing (eg: Dropbox) that allows members to easily access crucial club records and meeting minutes.


Coordinate with the treasurer in terms of sponsorship

During my past experiences as a secretary, the secretary usually works hand-in-hand with the treasurer to secure sponsorship for the club and events.

To provide the treasurer with all the resources available (sponsorship cover letters, proposals, book-keeping etc.) to facilitate sponsorship securement.


Advanced planning for the practice times and booking of venues for Mnight practices

Coordinate practice times with the directors, producers and performers for MNight to ensure that practice times for each performance does not clash with one other.

Advanced booking of venues for MNight practice (at least 2 weeks in advance)


Updating the newsletter and the event section on the ICUMS website more often

Coordinate with the communications secretary to ensure that the website is updated regularly with the current and future events.


During my time in high school, I was appointed as the secretary of the Interact Club for two years. During my tenure as a secretary, I was responsible in writing up minutes for meetings, seeking approvals for running events and managing the membership of the club. In addition to that, I was also heavily involved with helping out in organizing main events such as the International Understanding Night which required me to write letters seeking sponsorship and to coordinate with the other departments to facilitate the running of the event.

As I moved on to college, I was once again appointed as vice secretary for the Business Club. My secretarial skills, which I’ve picked up along the way during high school, helped me greatly in fulfilling this role. In both my periods of being a secretary, I also took on the task of managing ticketing matters in all the events organized by the Interact Club and the Business Club.

Besides, my fluency in English and Malay language has helped me very much in composing letters and conversing with other parties during my past secretarial roles. I strongly believe that my past experiences as secretary in two different clubs would be of an added advantage and would help me settle into my role of a secretary smoothly, if appointed.

I understand that the secretarial post is not an easy post to take on but I am hopeful that with my caliber, I will be able to commit myself to fulfilling this role confidently. It would be an honour to be given an opportunity to give back to the club the same way it has done to me.