Jansen Teng 2

Full Name: Jansen Teng Weng Nang

Course: 1st Year Biotechnology

Post: President

Proposer: Wong Yujing (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder: Jason Lee (2st Year Bioengineering)

Run-down Post: None


Imagine a bridge.

That is ICUMS to me; and I believe it is to all of us also. The bridge that connects us to home, the bridge that connects us to external parties, and most importantly, the bridge that connect us together! Personally, I would love to play an integral role in the maintenance and upgrading of this bridge for the continuous effort of caring and enriching our members.

I would like to share my vision for the upcoming ICUMS committee for the year 2015/2016:-

  • Sustainable growth of the society in terms of
  1. connection between Imperial Malaysians regardless of years
  2. commitment to our stakeholders (members, affiliates, sponsors and governing agencies)
  3. management proficiency and financial stability
  4. reputation of ICUMS to Malaysians and the public as a whole

I aim to achieve this by:

  1. Comprehensively engaging all members

The main thing I would want to see a year from now in ICUMS is that Imperial Malaysians are more closely bonded. The seniors and juniors all know each other. Juniors benefiting from seniors’ experiences and seniors benefiting in terms of connections.

First, we will have a session to introduce seniors to their juniors according to their specific departments. Apart from that, we will have alumni engagement sessions with our members. These are aimed to educate the juniors with knowledge crucial for their course as well as tips helpful for internship and job applications.

Besides, reintroduction of Sports Day will encourage the mixing senior years with the freshers.

There will be an amateur league to ensure everyone can participate regardless of skill.

  1. Strengthening relations with sponsors and affiliates

We will organise dinners for key stakeholders with our representatives to provide a conducive platform for discussion of future collaboration plans. Active representatives will be sent to attend every major Malaysian event held in the UK to increase our reputation and expand connections. We will also have a more open approach towards external collaboration in hosting events.

  1. Enhancing efficiency of the committee.

First is by strengthening intra-committee communication via an online collaboration platform (such as Trello) whereby our committee members will update whatever ideas/work/plans related to ICUMS that they have, to keep every committee member informed.

Second is by increasing the cost efficiency of expenditures. Large expenditures involving external purchases will run through a triple quotation process to obtain the best cost for value purchase.

Third is by introducing a “hand-me-down” guide. Each committee member will be required to update a digital spreadsheet with their experience when encountering problems and solutions used. This will act as a point of reference for future committees.

I am running for this role to contribute in an impactful manner to the society. In the past, I had experience in leadership positions in high school being Head Boy and president of three societies, as well as in college, being the Secretary General of Taylor’s Model United Nations and a member of the Student Council. If elected, the road ahead will no doubt be rough but together, with committed members and a coherent committee, ICUMS will definitely grow to greater heights!