Jansen Teng

Full Name: Jansen Teng Weng Nang

Course: 1st Year Biotechnology

Post: President

Proposer: Wong Yujing (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Seconder: Jason Lee (2st Year Bioengineering)

Run-down Post: None


The Bridge

Imagine a bridge. A structure spanning across deep waters to connect two lands. That is ICUMS to me; and I believe also to all of us. The bridge that connects us to home, the bridge that connects us to external parties, and most importantly, the bridge that connect us together! Personally, I would love to play an integral role in the maintenance and upgrading of this bridge for the continuous effort of caring and enriching our members.

When asked what was worse than being blind, Hellen Keller answered, “Having sight but no vision.” Before taking up office, I would like to share my vision for the upcoming ICUMS committee – ICUMS being a society that cater for both the current and future needs of Imperial Malaysians; not to just provide but also to value add!

So what will the mission be? Allow me to introduce to you the four keystones of that bridge that I will majorly focus on – communication, comprehensive engagement, fiscal growth and sustainability.

Keystone of Communication

From the communication aspect, 3 perspectives will be looked into. First will be interuniversity communication. To prevent miscommunication and to promote ease in organising events for our UK counterparts, it is key for all the MSOC leaders in the UK to be in contact. A suggestion will be to host a quarterly national alignment meeting alongside UKEC, ICMS and other prominent student bodies.

The second aspect will be intra-committee communication. We will use a platform (such as Trello) whereby our committee members will update whatever ideas/work/plans related to ICUMS that they are having to keep every committee member in the loop, and prevent overlapping/clashes.

The third one is communication for members. We will encourage members to give suggestions and feedback to the committee. Besides, we could start a weekly testimony/experience sharing between members for mutual encouragement and bonding.

Keystone of Comprehensive Engagement

ICUMS is a society for all Malaysians and not just a selected few. But how do we actually ensure the continuous commitment and interest of members to ICUMS? We will need to provide our members what they truly want and need.

Freshers just arriving at university will want a place to bond, meet new people and feel like they belong. Currently in place is our buddy family system and Malaysian Night practice sessions. Besides in the attempt to improve these, we will also have a session to introduce seniors to their juniors according to their specific departments. Here, freshers can feel comfortable to have someone experienced looking after them apart from learning the intricacies of their course in a faster manner.

Imperial Malaysians have an alumni. Why not harvest its huge potential? We will have alumni engagement sessions with our members. This is aimed to equip our members with the experience of our alumni which would play a huge role in attempts at internship and even job applications. Besides, this would strengthen the members networking base for future value. Here, not only first years will be engage, but senior years will also be interested as it is a value adding opportunity.

We will also plan a Career Roundtable event during our summer break in line with our value adding vision for our members. (Wee Kee, 2015) The event is aimed to provide career insight and internship opportunities to our members especially those in senior years. It will also inadvertently increase ICUMS branding among companies which could benefit us through sponsorship.

Task force established for large scale events will be recruited from our members regardless of studying term with our events director at the helm. This is to provide our members with some opportunity in planning and organisation development. The ICUMS committee will be tasked to oversee the progress and provide support.

Keystone of Fiscal Growth

Money is one of the major constraints of dreams. This term, we will target an increased balance in our ICUMS account without compromising on our members and events. Our best tap for income would be sponsorship. A more proactive, organised and solid approach will be used in seeking sponsors who will benefit mutually besides being distinct from our incumbent sponsors.

A penny save is a penny gain. Every expenditure of ICUMS will be thoroughly reviewed for cost efficiency. Larger expenditures involving external purchases will run through a triple quotation process to obtain the best cost for value purchase.

One way will be to establish a sponsorship and grant task force. (Nicholas Oon, 2015) This team will be tasked with creating lucrative sponsorship packages, beautifying our ICUMS website, and creating visual aids that can be used for our pitching to prospective sponsors.

Keystone of Sustainability

We are not just who we are, but what we leave behind. I believe that when the new committee steps into office, they should have the next committee already in mind. We will ensure that the next committee would not stumble upon loose ends left by our committee but will experience the support of strong ropes guiding them.

One suggestion would be the introduction of a “hand-me-down” book. Every committee member will have a book which they would treat as an official diary. Whatever MSOC related ideas, work, problems and solutions will be recorded in a structured fashion. (May also be done in a digital format) This is to ensure smooth sailing of the subsequent committees as they have an official point of reference and guide whenever they encounter obstacles. Same mistakes will not be repeated and hence allowing subsequent committees to focus on newer and more amazing developments.

Sponsorship commitment will also be maintained. We will deliver whatever we have promised to our sponsors; and that does not end at each term of office. If we keep delivering strongly, we will be able to establish a strong branding and legacy of ICUMS which in turn can be used to attract better sponsors.

A he for she, a me for you.

What makes a man out of a boy? One word – experience. I believe it is the same for a leader. Being a head prefect taught me that motivation was a stronger force than discipline. Being the president of three societies in high school taught me time management and accountability. Being the Secretary General of Taylors Model United Nations taught me goal setting and decisiveness. Being part of Taylors SJ Student Council taught me to listen from the grassroots. Being elected to lead my fellow Sime Darby scholars in a development program taught me macro-managing.

But the one key thing I picked up is that team dynamics is never the same. Whatever transferable skills gained is negligible in a new team. Hence, I will still be a boy in the new committee if elected. Here is where I will need your trust to grow me into a man with the new committee; your trust that I will be able to inspire MSOC to higher zeniths; your trust that we can together realise dreams!