Johnathan Mei

Full name: Johnathan Mei Wei En            

Course: 1st year Mathematics

Post: Treasurer

Proposer: Benjamin Choong (Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year)

Seconder: Dennis Choo (Chemical Engineering, 3rd year)

Run down post: Events Officer


I remember stepping on the plane at Kuching airport to fly to London like it was yesterday. I had just bid my family goodbye, and I was constantly thinking about what it would be like studying in a foreign country, and was slightly dreading starting the whole ‘making new friends and starting a new life’ process again. Upon arriving in KLIA, I was talking to my secondary school senior (who was on the same flight) and she reassured me saying, “Don’t worry, your MSoc is really tight, tighter than any MSoc I’ve seen”. Having been here 5 months now, I can certainly vouch for the truth in that statement. I have made so many great friendships, and it definitely made the school-university transition a little smoother. It is this very reason why I feel slightly motivated to run for a position in the committee; to give back to a society that has given me so much.

So, why treasurer? Well, I feel that it is the post where I can contribute the most, given my abilities, personal attributes and past experiences. Although nothing of this big a scale, I have been treasurer of my school’s softball club and my church’s youth group, both for 2 years. In between the two positions, I was tasked with handling the society’s money, as well as proposing a budget plan for the club in the coming year. I also got in touch with suppliers to buy T-shirts. Through some negotiation, I also managed to bring the cost of the shirt down a little. I was also involved in raising funds and securing sponsorships for my college’s prom night. It was definitely challenging at first, but we managed to raise a good amount of money for the prom night.

As MSoc treasurer, the main aim is to canvas for sponsors to sustain MSoc throughout the year (and beyond). This is so that the events within Msoc can be run smoothly. If I were given the privilege to be MSoc’s treasurer, here are a few things I would hope to carry out:


  1. Maintaining the efforts in obtaining sponsors

The sources of income in MSoc are through membership, MNight, and sponsors. It is therefore no secret that getting sponsors for our events are a must. When looking for sponsors, I would look for ways that the respective companies can benefit from us as well (akin to the phrase “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”). Everyone knows that Imperial college students are highly marketable, so, I would approach companies that would benefit from graduates or even undergraduates from Imperial. They can be invited to give talks, similar to what Shell has been doing with our Msoc this year. Also, Malaysians LOVE food, and so another focus would to get sponsorships from various restaurants, not only in monetary form but also discount deals for all Msoc members to enjoy.

  1. Revise the budget plan for the following year

The annual budget is one that requires careful planning. I am suggesting an increase in subsidies for member events, e.g. musicals, trips etc. I would work closely with the other members of the committee, to find the best ways of spending the budget but at the same time catering for the members’ wants and needs. Also, the production cost of MNight should be brought down, without sacrificing quality of the show, in order to organize more events for all members.

  1. Organising of external events open to other unis

At the start of the academic year, we were invited to numerous events organized by Malaysian Societies from other unis. It seemed like the only university not doing something is us at Imperial. From talent competitions to talent competitions, they were everywhere. I am suggesting organizing a similar event, maybe at a smaller scale to begin with to raise some funds and create a fourth channel of income. We could organize a similar competition to Who Boleh, but open to other London universities. This can be a good opportunity to bond with Malaysians from other universities, as well as make new connections. Also, the cost could be minimized because most of the events can be held outdoors.


Simply put, I would relish the opportunity to be elected Treasurer. Without a doubt, the post comes with its own challenges, but these are challenges I’m willing to take on. J