Kian Woon Chen (OCM)

Full Name: Kian Woon Chen

Course: 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Brandon Tang (Chemical Engineering, 2nd Year)

Seconder: Kharthik Chakravarthy (Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year)


Events are essential to keep Malaysians in Imperial bonded and to make them feel at home in a foreign land.

With experiences in organising various events such as field trip, volunteering project, conference, competition and Prom night, I believe that I can bring lots of fun to MSoc members. If I were elected as Committee member, my aims are as following:

1.  Organise wide variety of new events for MSoc members such as:

  • Ice Skating trip
  • Karaoke social
  • Weekend Getaway // Travel Trip
  • Secret Santa & Christmas celebration

2.  Meanwhile, continue and enhance fantastic events that we already have:

  • More theater and concert trips
  • Potlucks and dinners (Welcome dinner, CNY Dinner)
  • Ski Trip
  • More trips to studios and museums (such as Harry Potter, Madame Tussauds)


3.  Organise events or competitions that could involve all Malaysians in the UK

  • Such as Talent Show, singing and dancing competitions.
  • By doing this we can generate some profits while having entertainment at the same time.


4.  Enhance MSoc buddy family bond by having events that require members to join as a team with MSoc buddy family such as :

  • Inter-family tele match with attractive prizes
  • Family photos challenge


5.  Look out for relevant and interesting external events and gather MSoc members to join together if possible

  • For example, there is a trend of speaker series from high level executives of Malaysian Corporates that are being held in London. So why not we gather interested MSoc members to go together?
  • Others external events include Corporate Luncheon, competitions organised by other MSocs, London Color Run, Malaysian Hall Open House, clubbing events etc.


Aim to subsidise as many trips/events as possible, but depending on the available budget and financial situation.