Kian Woon Chen

Full Name: Kian Woon Chen

Course: 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Post: Secretary

Proposer: Jay Vern Lim (Chemical Engineering, 2nd Year)

Seconder: Kharthik Chakravarthy (Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year)

Run-down Post: Communications Secretary


This is not my first time leaving home and walking out of my comfort zone, but studying in the London is by far the bravest decision I have ever made. Being too far away from family is making me feeling lonely and empty at times. Thanks to my family here – ICUMS, I have manage to come this far. Words cannot describe how glad I feel as a part of ICUMS. Being the Secretary of ICUMS not only allows me to contribute back to the society, but also to bring the society to the next level of excellence and ultimately enhance our members’ experience here in Imperial.

I have taken up various responsibilities in societies and event organising committees since high school – ranging from President, Secretary, Treasurer to Sub-Comm. I was not always the Secretary but whenever I had the chance to, I handled many secretarial-related paperwork most of the time.

When I was in college, I was the Organising Chairperson of a Malacca field trip for the members of the Leo Club. Due to the unavailability of a Secretary and time constraint, I was the one writing and amending the proposal for the field trip, constantly communicating with the Student Development Centre to get the field trip approved.

I was also the Secretary of a project called Project “Pay for a Cookie with a Smile”, in which we went to the KL city center to distribute free cookies to random people who smiled at us, in hope of spreading the positive vibes to everyone. At the end of the day, we managed to distribute more than 1000 cookies!


The above are two of my more secretarial-related previous experiences, but I believe with the experiences that I have gained from other positions, I will be an all-rounded Secretary for ICUMS. If I were elected as your Secretary, my aims are as following:

Weekly Newsletters and Updates

Apart from the current weekly newsletters, I will also pay attention to the happenings in the UK and London and include them into the newsletters so that Malaysians will not miss on any great opportunity here!

Make sure the newsletters are informative and up-to-date with current and upcoming events so that no one will be left out from all the exciting events organised by ICUMS and all students will be constantly informed about the current ongoings in MSoc!


Feedbacks and Suggestions

I am sure that many are not aware of the small feedbacks/suggestions link at the bottom of every newsletter. Feedbacks/suggestions from members are very important and thus, I will make the link more obvious and easily located in future newsletters.

I will then discuss the feedbacks and suggestions with committee members and get back to the sender as soon as possible.


Meeting Minutes and Transparency

It is crucial that every member of the society is informed of the outcomes of every meeting. So I will make sure that the meeting minute from every meeting like AGM, OGM, and committee meetings will be circulated to everyone through the weekly newsletters.

Room and Venue Booking

I will make sure that I book sufficient and appropriate rooms with sufficient duration for our weekly MNight practices and meetings in order to utilise the time we have for practices and meetings effectively.

Care will also be taken while booking the venues and times in order to reduce/avoid conflicts of performance practices.


MNight – Date and Publicity

I will do my best to coordinate and liaise with UKEC and other MSocs in order to avoid clashing of the MNight. By doing this I hope it will boost our MNight ticket sales next year.

I will also involve myself in the publicity team of the MNight 2016, in which I aim to start publicising as early as possible and produce a wide variety of creative publicity materials and methods for MNight, such as different versions of posters, dedicated posters for every performance, and promotion booths in the campus etc.


ICUMS Website

It is vital that we keep our official website up-to-date with past, current and upcoming events and/or news not only to make it easier for members to find the information they want, but also to portray a good image of our MSoc.

So I will work together with the Communication Secretary to keep the website updated, and include useful posts or articles there whenever relevant, as well as design the website to look more professional and interesting!


Maintain Good Relationships with Corporates

As Secretary is the one managing the ICUMS main email box, the Secretary will be the first point of contact with corporates whenever they contact ICUMS for any career talks/events with Malaysians in Imperial.

As the Secretary, I will make sure that ICUMS has good communication and relationship with corporates throughout the emailing process, and if possible, I will definitely look for events beyond talks with corporates for the benefits of our fellow Malaysians.



Sometimes Secretary does need to attend external meetings and social events with organisations such as UKEC. Therefore, as the Secretary of the society I will make sure that I represent ICUMS well in those occasions, and make full use of the opportunity to network with other MSocs and student organisations which is essential for any future possible collaboration in events as well as publicity.

I will also aim to foster good relationships with other clubs and societies in Imperial so as to look into future collaboration opportunity in terms of events, support and publicity.


Memberships and Memberships Card

Good things are never enough. Therefore, I will collaborate with the Treasurer to search for more potential partners, restaurants and shops which can offer amazing deals and discounts for members of ICUMS.

Forget to bring your memberships card to enjoy discounts at our partner shops? Don’t worry. I propose to change the usage of the membership’s benefits into “Card-less”, despite real memberships cards will still be given to members.


Last but not least, thank you for taking your precious time to read my manifesto. I hope you can put your trust in me and I promise I will live up to your expectation and will not disappoint you as the Secretary of Imperial College Union Malaysian Society! If my aims above are also what you are hoping for, please vote for me as your Secretary!

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

― Barack Obama