Kuan Tzuo Wei It

Full Name: Kuan Tzuo Wei It

Course: 1st Year Aeronautical Engineering

Post: Committee member

Proposer: Tze Yuan, Tiong (Johannes) (1st Year Aeronautical Engineering)

Seconder: Brandon Tang (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)


Being overseas for the very first time can be very exciting, reading a degree in a world class university, adjusting to a different culture as well as a new atmosphere, and of course, the craving for a heater and thick jackets*would drastically overthrow the desire for our sweet dear air-con. However, all of this can be considered very scary especially when you are coming alone or/and without the necessary information.

When I first gotten my offer from Imperial, I was in immense joy, I knew I have made it, but soon I learnt that none of my friends at that point made it. What make it worst is the fact that I was constantly in doubt with the application process and I have no one turn to for advice, and trust me, Google did not help either. This is when I realize that I was truly coming to Imperial alone.





But MSoc has proven me wrong!

My goals are simple. As the welfare officer, I would want to provide a platform to strengthen the bond between the society as well as preparing the freshers for the journey that they are going to embark.

I would like to achieve this by:

Promoting a closer relation between the members of MSOC through the buddy system as well as relation between the families.

I would like to propose an inter-family competition based on the amount of outing and the quality of the outing hosted by the family. I would be setting the guidelines for this competition as well as keeping track of the progress made by individual family.

As an improvement, I would also add in a pre-defined interest to the MSoc buddy system sign up list in addition to asking members to fill it up from scratch. This list would be generated through the analysis of previous buddy system registration and suggestions by any of the MSoc members.

I would also be introducing a “grandparents” scheme for those who wants to maintain their previous families as well as recruiting more family members. Ideally, this would maintain the 3rd years and 4th years in the buddy system.

Acting as a point of contact when members of MSoc are facing difficulties or requesting for information that are not easily available.

I would act as the first point of contact when the fresher are in doubt and provide comprehensive and concise information that are required. I believe that I am the right person for the job as I would want to fully utilize the vast knowledge I have, especially regarding information a person would need before coming over to Imperial College. If somehow I do not possess the particular piece of information in question, I would do the necessary research in order to obtain them.

I would also act as the person to go when any members (yes, this is not limited to freshers) are in distress.

Acting as an intermediate person between the freshers and their academic senior.

In the effort of easing freshers into the “Imperial Life”, I would be collecting relevant information from their respective academic seniors on the fresher behalf. If the senior permit, I would personally introduce the freshers to their academic seniors.

Continuing to uphold the standard of the Fresher camp as well as the Fresher dinner

I believes that my predecessor has done a good job for organising the Fresher camp and Fresher dinner, thus, I would ensure that the service in this year Fresher camp and Fresher Dinner would be executed in a manner that would be on par with the previous years.

And if it is needed, I would also be proposing lodging plans for pre-fresher camp in other to accommodate those who are foreign to the initial departure point.

For the 9 months waiting to go to Imperial College, I have spent the most of the time I had, voluntarily teaching my friends, helping through their A-levels, that is followed by teaching iGCSE to those who are preparing for the following year. I enjoy helping my friends and found great satisfaction helping them, however, the amount of people I have helped is only a handful, I wish I have a chance to do more.

By voting for me, you would be giving me that chance that I am looking for, and giving me an opportunity to give back what MSoc has done for us.

Thank You

Make your vote count!



* Ironically this is coming from a guy who wears a sleeveless vest with a short sleeves T-Shirt nearly every day. Don’t worry, I understand the need for a warm jacket too.