Masturah Natasya

Full Name: Wan Masturah Natasya binti Wan Mohd Azmi

Course: 1st Year Computing

Post: Treasurer

Proposer: Jing Zu Luk (2nd Year Aeronautics)

Seconder: Krystle Chan (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Run-down Post: None


This is the closest I’ve felt to Malaysia in a long time.

Having lived away from Malaysia for the past 9 years, it has sometimes been hard to feel completely Malaysian. My accent is not Malaysian, my habits are not typically Malaysian (Malaysian timing, anyone?) and my knowledge of all things Malaysian has slowly gotten somewhat out of date. Despite all this, I’ve had an amazing time being a part of MSOC, largely thanks to the welcoming demeanours of those who make up this society and events like MNight that bring us all together in the spirit of hard work.

I would like to be your treasurer because I feel like it would be the best way I can contribute to the society. What makes MSOC such a successful society is, in my opinion, these two objectives as stated in the Constitution:

To provide for and maintain the interaction and camaraderie amongst Malaysian students in Imperial College.

To provide for the welfare of the Malaysian students in Imperial College.

To uphold these, as all the seniors truly have, it is important to hold events that will allow members of the society a platform to meet and get to know each other. It creates a sense of community and, in part, caters for the welfare of the members. With a society as large as ours, money plays an important role in the running of these events and it is up to the treasurer to manage that money, planning and budgeting to ensure the event will not have a negative effect on the society’s funds and consequently on future activities.

While I have never officially held the role of treasurer, I have had roles in which I have gained skills pertinent to being one. As the project leader for several service projects in school, raising money for charities and victims of natural disasters, I have had to plan and hold events with virtually no budget. We had to find companies willing to source venues and refreshments with only the promise of increased exposure to members of the community as an incentive. My proudest achievement as leader is raising over NTD 1,000,000 (approx. GBP 20,400) in one project, the majority of which came from generous sponsors. Through this experience, I learned to be tenacious when dealing with companies, since they have a tendency to ignore e-mails (especially when you’re asking them for money). I have also learned to be meticulous and to keep track of everything; lists, tables and spreadsheets help me organise almost every aspect of my life.

As for what I hope to achieve as treasurer, my goals fall under three categories: sponsorship, sustainability and transparency.

One of the main sources of finance for the society is undeniably sponsorship. I hope to expand MSOC’s sponsorship revenue by approaching new potential sponsors while also trying to rekindle a relationship with previous sponsors who no longer sponsor us, perhaps trying to convince them to become long term sponsors by expanding on ways we can benefit them.

A major goal for me would be to leave the society in a better place financially for future committees. A way in which to do this would be to introduce at least one profit-generating event so as to decrease reliability on sponsorship. I also want to minimise chances of MNight making a loss through a mixture of trying to spend less on the production while maintaining its high quality, coming up with techniques to heighten the number of ticket sales and perhaps sourcing more sponsorship for the night.

The way MSOC manages its money is not a secret – at Ordinary/Annual General Meetings, we are shown an outline of the society’s finances and given the opportunity to ask questions. That being said, I would like to maintain a policy of answering any member’s questions on the society’s financial matters at any time, so as to demonstrate how organised the committee is with the funds entrusted to them and the plans they have for the academic year.

I understand being this society’s treasurer is a big responsibility with many challenges but I am willing and eager to work hard alongside the committee to face and overcome them. Given the chance, I would like to help MSOC develop and be the best version of the society it can be.