Ng Kuok Wern

Full Name: Ng Kuok Wern

Course: Chemistry 1st Year

Post: Committee Member (Liaison Officer)

Proposer: Sonali Nadkarni (2nd Year Biology)

Seconder: Girrja Mohandass (1st Year Mechanical Engineering)


The Malaysian Society gave me so much to live for in this first year at university. I never would have met a livelier and more adventurous bunch of friends had I not joined, or been told that I smile too much amidst all the acting and dance rehearsals I was doing. It’s really been a life changing experience!

So I wish to give back to the society by joining its committee. Helping to improve the society and how it runs is the least I could do, given that it has helped change me so much for the better.

Preferably I wish to act as the liaison officer, but I also have experience in searching for events (in London or otherwise) if the role requires of me. My goals within the society are:

  1. To improve the communication between the main body of the committee and the other operating bodies within MSoc. This involves, for example, communicating with members in Lion Dance to better integrate them into the main MSoc society.


  1. To maintain the current level of communication with MSoc committees within other universities, which involves assuring our events don’t clash, the promoting of our events to them, and the organization of joint events if necessary.


  1. To create a “feedback sheet/survey” that supplements the committee’s connection with its members. These surveys can be given out during general meetings or taken online, so that society members can give suggestions OR complain about problems in the society even before annual meetings. [the template can then be used for future committees]

I will not limit feedback to the surveys though; anyone within the society will be free to ask me (by email or in person) questions regarding life in London, Imperial College facilities or how the society handles things, and I will try my best to provide guidance.

Besides that, I will propose ideas that help induct our new freshers as well as ease PMS:

  • Dikir will be featured in International Night this year, so I hope to find other avenues which can showcase our Malaysian talents to Imperial (if such events happen before MNight, it doubles as effective marketing too)
  •  Create an informed list of clubs at Imperial that our society members can join, based on the new skills they’ve learned from MNight. Such a list would endeavour to remedy PMS by giving activities to do.(I’ve joined multiple clubs myself within Imperial, so I’m well aware of the variety of clubs offered so as to give reliable opinions)
  • Create a guide document that contains instructions on how to handle the first day of moving into London.

It will contain information such as guides to Oyster cards, directions to halls from tube stations, and perhaps even video walkthroughs of finding one’s way around the campus. Such guides may even be tailored for the department you are in.

The document can then be emailed to incoming freshers on the eve of their departures.

I believe myself capable of enacting my goals; I’m the current representative for Horizons Languages, so I know how to ask the right questions when garnering feedback from others, as well as communicate such feedback to staff and push for changes (I’ve recently made a successful proposal for a Hebrew course). I’ve planned entire itineraries for visits to cities such as Berlin, Paris, Vienna and Tokyo, usually lasting one week (for Tokyo, two months) and often involving musical concerts or plays in between. So I should be able to seek out events in London or even elsewhere and secure tickets quickly for them.


Basically, I’m your perfect go-to-guy for keeping the society in good health, as well as searching for exciting things to do.

So please vote for me, I promise it ought to be fun! J