Nicholas Oon

Full Name: Nicholas Oon Han Shen

Course: Biotechnology (1st Year)

Proposer: Kharthik Chakravarthy (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder: Wee Kii Teh (3rd Year Biotechnology)

Run Down Post: None


Home. Doesn’t seem that long ago that I was there. And that’s because after all the gruelling Malaysian Night practices, the Imperial College Union Malaysian Society has become my home. It’s where I see and talk to the people I care about the most in university, as well as where I practice for Malaysian Night. I am running for the post of Vice President because I want more than anything to be involved in Msoc activities, especially Malaysian Night. Being involved in acting as well as several dances for our annual Malaysian Night, I’ve found myself having the most fun and forgetting my external worries while I’m getting into character for my acting role, or clapping in between intricate dikir barat moves.

As Vice President, it will become my goal to:

a)     Assist the President in carrying out Msoc activities as well as help strengthen the communication between not only seniors and freshers, but also between members of the committee. I believe this will allow all members to be more up to date with the various going-ons within the society as well as events involving other universities or organisations.

b)     Organise Mnight 2016, an event I plan to make the talk of all UK universities.

c)     Help to produce more promotional material for Msoc, including a video ‘package’ summarising Msocs activities and aims. This will be done to attract sponsors and convey the society’s presence to the general public.

The post of vice president will allow me to produce Mnight, a performance that showcases the rich and quirky Malaysian culture. It is an exciting prospect as I have found my current Mnight experience to be an enriching and eye-opening experience. Being involved in acting, dancing and dikir barat, I found myselfand learning the principles of theatre as well as moves I would never have imagined myself doing 6 months ago. These new and diverse experiences are what I live for, and is one of the main driving forces that inspired me to run for this post.

As producer, I will make it my top priorities to:

a)     Improve upon the high standard of Mnight. The Mnight 2015 committee did an amazing job in preparing us for what will probably be the best overall experience of my first year at Imperial.

–        I aim to work closely with the new directors to produce a script that will invoke excitement, laughter, suspense, and possibly even fear in the audience. The creative aspects of LSE’s 2015 Mnight giving the audience the option of changing the ending; as well as the original songs, masterfully crafted props and well-received crowd participation in SingSoc’s 2015 Major Event have both inspired me to think about interesting ways to provide the audience with not just a performance, but an experience.

–        I will also work to enlist the help of skilful dance choreographers within the 2014 intake (and possibly freshers if the Mnight committee are in agreement) to produce exciting dance routines which will capture the tone of next year’s production. A popular genre of dance absent from this year’s production was street dance, and I am confident that many participants will be keen on the reintroduction of a street dance routine into next year’s Mnight.

–        In addition, I will ensure that I am updated on the progress of dances, acting sessions, marketing and production design. This will be particularly useful in maintaining a uniform level of readiness of participants across all elements of Mnight. For example, a particularly difficult dance routine may require more practice sessions, which I hope to arrange at a regular time such that the dancers who are participating in multiple dances can feel equally confident no matter which genre they are participating in. This will inevitably keep morale high amongst members, which I feel is fundamental when producing a show like Mnight.

b)     Book the great hall as soon as possible and inform UKEC as well as the Mnight producers of other universities of our Mnight dates. This will hopefully avoid any clashes with the Mnights of any universities with Imperial.

c)     Work closely with the Communications Secretary in order to help produce attractive, stylish marketing media. Having had experience in video editing, filming and photography, I hope to contribute my ideas and skills to helping the Communications Secretary design posters, shoot trailers and edit promotional videos. This not only applies to Mnight, but to other Msoc events as well. But in terms of Mnight, this will hopefully lead to the selling of more tickets quicker.

Having been exposed to many elements of Mnight, I understand the need for an active, passionate and disciplined cast and crew, as well as the need to make Mnight an enjoyable experience for all members involved, with an incredibly satisfying payoff at the end of the journey, and unforgettable memories made throughout. My experiences as deputy international head boy of my sixth-form college has honed my ability to help bring people together, as I helped integrate students from over 30 different countries into the student body. This involved the ability to communicate, and whether you’re trekking through the jungles of Borneo, or overseeing a company of designers for a futuristic space settlement, understanding people of different backgrounds and skillsets is crucial in successfully organising an event as ambitious as Mnight. I am excited to have this opportunity to create. To sculpt. And to display. To turn a wheel into a cart, and from a cart, a car. And to help show the world our art.