Quah Zhong Yao

Full Name: Quah Zhong Yao

Course: Materials Engineering 1st Year

Post: Committee Member (Liaison Officer)

Proposer: Lim Jae Haan (2nd Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Seconder: Luk Jing Zhu (2st Year Aeronautical Engineering)


What got me most excited about coming to London for uni was the opportunities to meet other people and being a part of the sizeable overseas Malaysian community. I feel that our committee this year did a fantastic job bringing freshers and seniors together, and M Night provided a wonderful opportunity for us to grow even closer as a family. I aim to play my part in continuing this tradition while facilitating inter-uni networking in my role as liaison officer.

Before coming to uni, I was involved in organising a number of projects. While in HELP, I was a part of the team that sent a helium balloon into the upper atmosphere with an electronic payload to collect scientific data. Working closely with a team of like-minded individuals who shared the same goals made it possible for us to overcome great obstacles to achieve our aims. I was also a part of the McKinsey Youth Leadership Academy 2014, and together with my team we set up a social enterprise to help underprivileged women in KL. I believe that these experiences have prepared me to work alongside a team to achieve targets, regardless of how lofty they might be.

As liaison officer, I hope to be able to implement a few things while working closely alongside the other committee members to maintain the tight-knit community that the ICMS is known for:

I seek to maintain and improve the relations between the ICMS and the Malaysian societies from other UK universities by working together with their liaison officers to create opportunities for Malaysian students in ICL to network with the rest of the Malaysian student community.

I also aim to work together with my OCM colleagues to organise more events for the ICMS community to get to know each other better. These events will include dinners, trips and group activities as I believe that while everyone wants to make more friends, the difference in everyone’s schedule means that networking is difficult outside of club events, especially for those who stay in exotic locales like Xenia and Wilson house.

To sum up, I am looking forward to contributing to the society which has defined most of my uni life in London, and I hope to be able to give next year’s batch of freshers the same opportunities and fun that this year’s MSoc gave me.