Siew Yin Law

Full Name: Siew Yin Law (Elly)

Course: 1st Year Biology

Post: Committee Member

Proposer: Eer Yin Ang (1st year Chem Eng)

Seconder: Esther Tang (1st year Mech Eng)


I am sure all of you are aware of what Msoc has brought to you, what it means to you and all. I am also sure that you wouldn’t want to read so much about my little, ordinary story. What matters is what I can contribute to Msoc, isn’t it?

Being entrusted with the role of a committee member in Msoc, I would like to

Carry on with existing Msoc events and make improvements along the way (e.g. organize more theatre trips).

Plan more events in conjunction with our traditional Malaysian festivals to make our fellow Malaysians feel at home.

Plan one-/two-day trips so that members could make use of their weekends in the midst of hectic university lives without having to wait for long holidays to tour around (e.g. Stonehenge, beaches, suggestions from everyone will be taken into consideration!).

Improve our current ‘buddy’ system by planning some get-along activities/competitions between buddy families to strengthen the bond between the like-minded family members.

I believe there will be challenges in executing plans for a large group like us, but I believe with cooperation of the whole committee, problems can be solved!

Always move forward, because we should not settle down with only ‘good enough’ but always ‘better’!

Thank you for reading! Remember to vote for me XD