Sue Yi Chong

Full Name: Sue Yi Chong

Course: Mechanical Engineering, 1st Year

Post: Sports Secretary

Proposer: Sharon Fu (Chemistry, 2nd Year)

Seconder: Catherine Kok (Chemical Engineering, 4th Year)

Run-down Post: None


At first, the thought of coming to London scared me a little. I was most concerned about the weather in London more than anything else because I absolutely love the all-year round Malaysian summer. When I first touched down, I was greeted by the cool weather which was akin to that of a giant air-conditioned room. Unsurprisingly, thermometer readings started dropping and the howling wind pierced through every layer of clothing. Playing sports here has also been a challenge for me because my fingers got numb and I could hardly break a sweat in the freezing temperatures.

But, no matter how cold it got, I could always feel the friendliness and warmth oozing out from the Malaysians; keeping me warm inside while it was cold outside.

Surviving the bitter cold and my first 6 months in London wouldn’t be the same without MSoc. From helping me with my pre-departure queries through fresher’s camp, helping me settle in, to MNight practices and sports sessions where I am able to meet other so many other Malaysians. With MSoc, I know that there is always a place for me where I would be welcomed with open arms anytime. With this in mind, I would like to return the favour by serving in the area which I am most passionate about: Sports. I think that sports is a universal key that brings strangers together and strengthens existing relationships. This is why I aim on carrying on, if not tightening our members’ interpersonal relationships.


If elected as Sports Secretary, I aim to:

Encourage more people to be a part of sports

Introduce non-competitive sports (e.g. rock climbing)

Introduce a pay per term basis for the individual sports passes

Organise friendlies with other teams


While retaining the individual sports pass system, I would like to introduce a pay per term system. People have given me feedback on how they weren’t able to play sports due to other commitments but have already paid for the pass early in the academic year.  With the pay per term system, people get to choose which term they want to pay for according to their schedules instead of paying for the whole year and end up not being able to make it for half of the year. The pay per term system also encourages more people to join sports even in the middle of the academic year.

Being a part of sports does not necessarily mean you have to play a sport. Having an interest in sports, supporting your friends, and watching our beloved national sports icons on TV also means that you are a part of the sporting community. This is why I aim to organise “trips” to major sports competitions and football clubs held in and around London much like how trips to musicals are organised.

As important as it is to strengthen bonds within MSoc, new relationships can also be forged with those outside of MSoc.  I aim to get in touch with the sports secretaries and act as a bridge between team captains of the other societies such as SingSoc to organise the friendly matches. This move will also improve the standard of players while preparing for competitions.

I have past experiences in being the school Sports Captain as well as netball team captain, which I believe would play a very supportive background to the jobs I am about to take upon myself. Being elected as Sports Secretary would be a new and exciting learning curve I wish to embark on. Sports has and always will play a big part in my life especially in creating and strengthening relationships with others. I have strong faith that if you entrust me with the duties as your next Sports Secretary, I will try my best to meet your expectations.