Wee Kee Tiew

Full Name: Wee Kee Tiew

Course: Biotechnology (1st year)

Post: Vice President

Proposer: Jansen Teng (Biotechnology 1st year)

Seconder: Weichern Ngian (Imperial Business School)

Run-down Post: None


“Which society should I join?”


“What kind of sports do you play?”


“Where do you go to meet beautiful girls?”


“What should I do besides studying?”

“Join MNight”

This was a conversation which occurred between a senior and I during Fresher’s Camp. Before I came, I was sceptical but now, this will be the same answer I will be giving to my juniors the next year. MSoc does not feel like home. It is my home.


As a vice president, I would like to help the president by:

Seeking sponsorships for the society and MNight

To ease the society’s financial burden. I am currently the sponsorship officer of the ‘Save the Children’ organization and hence, I have been exposed as to how to deal with potential sponsors. We can actually track all the sponsors of Mnight and MSoc in the UK and contact them. This can narrow the huge pool of potential sponsors and increase the probability of getting sponsorships.

Being the bridge of communication between the committee and members.

As the Vice President, I will potentially be meeting many members and I believe that my good communication skills will come in handy in obtaining their opinion of the club and in promoting the club.

Organising a Summer Career Roundtable event in Malaysia exclusive for Imperial Malaysian Students.

After Mnight, I will help the president coordinate a task force (seniors and juniors inclusive) in contacting leading companies back in Malaysia.

The aim of the event is to provide our Imperial Malaysians back in Malaysia a good outlook into the working environment besides providing them with an opportunity of internships.

The current plan is that participants will be divided into groups of 6 with a facilitator. Everyone sits around a table with one company representative. Company rep will rotate between tables every half an hour. This gives all members an opportunity to get exposed to every company present.

The access points to the companies can be through scholars studying at Imperial, Talent Corp and connections with other Malaysian student bodies. Exact details will be thought through thoroughly with the task force.

Our expected participant numbers would be around 30 to 40 with 5 to 8 company reps. Venue would be somewhere in KL or venue sponsored by Sunway and the date should be the week before Fresher’s Camp. The key selling point of this event is that all the participating companies will be able to have access to the participants’ CVs and most importantly the high quality manpower.


As the producer of MNight, I would like to

Incorporate more Malaysian elements in our MNight production.

Currently, aside from the dances and dikir barat, there is not much Malaysian-related component in our production. Personally, I think Malaysian Night is not solely about presenting a good performance but it is also a platform to publicize our culture to non-Malaysians.

It only feels like an authentic Malaysian night, if the setting of the plot can somehow portray the vibrant demography, unique multiracial culture and multilingualism of Malaysia. Hopefully through Malaysian night, non-Malaysian foreigners would be able to have an insight as to what Malaysian culture is like.

Implement a buddy family system within each performance

As I am writing this one week before MNight, I’m starting to dread not being able to see and interact with my friends as often during practices.

Besides practice sessions, there is hardly any time for most of us to bond with each other. As such, I would like to implement a buddy family system within each performance in the MNight production and subsidize meet ups of each buddy family outside regular practice sessions.

For example, a subsidized lunch on Sundays would be a great way to get everyone to show up and bond over meals in a true Malaysian spirit.

Have better props team and props.

Props team should be recruited earlier and given proper instructions about their respective tasks.

Nobody should be allowed to join the props team at the last minute as proper practices are needed for smooth transitions between all scenes.

The props used currently are not able to convey the setting of the scene clearly.

In addition to the props used by the actors, a good background is needed for the audience to understand every scene clearly. A projector may be a good option.

Have physical ticket booths on campus.

A physical booth is a great way to inform all Imperial students about our production.

Besides, we can also show the trailer at the booth. The booth would be an ideal spot if we would like to attract the crowd by having a flash mob or live band.

Improve the music team by having more instruments and also giving more recognition to them.

We should recruit the music team during Fresher’s Camp or via the Welfare officers during summer. This is important so that all the musicians will bring their instruments from Malaysia.

And we should acknowledge each musician by the instrument he or she plays instead of calling out the entire music group during curtain call.

Set up an online calendar on Google and ask all the participants to subscribe to it for notifications.

Each performance will have it is own calendar. Once the choreographers update the time and venue of practices on Google Calendar, all the participants will receive notifications via emails or pop-ups on mobile.

This instant notification would be extremely helpful especially when the practice venues cannot be confirmed until the last minute.


My vision for MNight is to give the audience a three-hours long production which has a strong Malaysian identity and encompasses an impactful plot enriched with Malaysian cultural performances. However, the genre of our story will still be thrilling instead of family love or etc. as it is our tradition. It is just that the setting of the plot will be more Malaysian. I hope MNight will give non-Malaysians an outlook into the culture of Malaysia and thoughts of Malaysians and act as a mirror to Malaysians for self-reflection. For the participants, instead of merely involvement of MNight, I would also like to embed within them a strong sense of engagement in the production, as MNight is the fruit of their labour. As the producer, I would definitely use MNight as a platform to forge lifelong friendships and lasting memories.

I understand that my lack of experiences in acting and theater play may be a drawback but I am confident that with my commitment and passion, I will be able to excel as a Vice President. I hope my words have reached you and I humbly hope for an opportunity to commit my energy and potential for MSoc and MNight.