Chin Yew Sian

Full Name: Chin Yew Sian

Course: 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Post: Treasurer

Proposer: Mah Mun Chun (2nd Year Civil Engineering)

Seconder: Ee Wui Liang (2nd Year Mathematics)

Run-down Post: None


With immense gratitude, Imperial MSoc family has woven the best part of my first year. MNight, seniors and friends. Each and every single word here can never be completely described but only experienced. The days that will never die and all the friends for life. Virtues and stories as such should be passed on to our juniors. As I firmly believe, all new chapters can only be written on a strong foundation. A well planned budget and consistent source of sponsorships are the keys that can lead our society towards excellence.

The urge to seek for new challenges and meeting new people has motivated me to run for MSoc’s treasurer. To be able to capitalize on every resource and possibility, the benefits of our society should never be compromised as well as prioritizing the welfare of our members. Understanding that being a treasurer will involve massive interactions with corporate leaders and student organizations’ representatives, this platform will be the best opportunity to develop and flaunt the potential of both MSoc and I.

My past experience in organising big events such as the 30 Hours Famine Camp, Charity Drive or Visits and intellectual workshop in collaboration with Malaysian Mensa will be a strong pillar of strength that can drive us forward as a team. Nonetheless, I had experienced working under severe financial constraint as starting point in certain projects. However, as an opportunity-seeking leader, I was able to appreciate and utilize every single resource available that eventually led to the success of my projects.

Given the opportunity as the treasurer of our society, I see myself contributing from SMART perspectives as seen from the following:



To grasp all the opportunities that favour our sponsors, members and the society thriving amidst the change of trend and time. To attract more sponsors convincingly, the strength and potential of our society will be identified and demonstrated. Moreover, constant evaluations will be carried out to ensure the sponsorship sourcing strategies tailored are specific and clear, in parallel with the direction of our time investment.



To ensure the consistency and accessability of our cash flow record while prioritizing time investment. Maximum number of sponsors will be approached before all of our major events and all effort will be made to secure sufficient sponsorships in accordance to the pre-set timeline.



To ensure that all funding will be available and accessible according to the planned agenda besides facilitating the transfer of fund between the union and our society. Meanwhile, to evaluate possible losses and estimate a possible buffer for each worst case scenario.



To make sure all assets are fully utilized on relevant matters and maintain the welfare of members. All the current fund allocation will be evaluated and unnecessities will be cut.



9 months of short but influencial tenure signifies that every second counts. Sponsorship sourcing, budget, and all the financial records for upcoming events should be prepared in time. If the circumstances allow, we can plan ahead of time and suggest a timeline to the next batch of committees.


Afterall, we all know that the road ahead will not be easy. Nevertheless, you will have me to be by your side to deal with all the financial constraints through the sweet and sour bits together. That is, if and only if I am your chosen one.


Thank you.