Zenon Foo

Full Name: Zenon Foo Weng Zen

Course: 1st Year Biomedical Engineering

Post: President

Proposer: Foo Tun Kai (Civil Engineering, 3rd Year)

Seconder: Benjamin Choong (Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year)


My first real integration into Msoc for me was with the music team. There were only 9 of us musicians and like every other group, we practiced weekly for a couple of hours. These were short but invaluable time that I’ve spent with the music team. No doubt, in the beginning it was a little awkward, but with time they did grow on me and in time I sort of felt like we were our own breakfast club. I am sure that many others, if not all felt the same way as I did. Therefore, I am running for President so that I can lend a hand in some way to ensure the new freshers feel the same way. However, that is not the only reason. Observing Msoc for the past year has shown me what a grand society Msoc is, when compared to a lot of the other national societies at Imperial, in terms of the way it is run and the number of members it has and how efficiently it is run with the huge number of members it has. It is just truly impressive and I hope to add to the success of the society.

If elected, I intend to:

1)     Work with the treasurer to attain more sponsors. Undeniably the extent to which any society can run at is governed by its financial capacitance. I will work hard with the committee, especially the treasurer, to find all possible methods of obtaining sponsors and all money obtained from the sponsors will go into organising more funded events for the society and also to increase the scale at, which Mnight is produced.

2)     Organise more events with other universities’ MSOC. Currently, we are at that stage where we have to think about our future. University is definitely the place to gain an academic background for that future and obviously being at Imperial, that academic background will be well recognised. However, another factor that affects success is also opportunities and these opportunities can be obtained through networking. Yes, plenty of networking can be done within Imperial itself, but I feel extending our networking to other universities will give us an edge when we leave university to pursue or own individual careers. Besides that, these events would also make a great opportunity for us to get to know the other Malaysians around the UK. I plan to do this by getting in contact with the committee members of other universities and have a meeting or several meetings discussing possible and plausible events.

3)     Organise more talks with companies. Similarly to my second point, we not only come to university for an education, but also to seek out opportunities for prospective jobs. I intend to attempt to liaise more with UKEC to ensure that we get prompt notification of all the events they organise and also to be given places for such events. I am aware that some of the students here at Imperial are on the committee of UKEC and I plan to discuss with them further regarding this.

4)     Organise more internal events. No doubt that there already have been plenty of big events held throughout the year. However, I’d also like for there to be little events that a small group of people can enjoy that are constant throughout the year. Nothing to grand, but more of a relaxed weekend. Things such as picnics, walks or a little sightseeing to take you or the new freshers away from the tedious life that Imperial sometimes offer. I believe this will have the benefit of growing relationships between seniors and freshers. I would have events to be suggested by seniors or freshers on a Facebook group and then have a vote to see which is most popular. After which, the committee will discuss in the matters of organising that event. Obviously, whether these events can be funded fully, partially or not at all depends on the sponsors for the next academic year.

5)     Organise at least one fresher’s party/event. This intention might sound a little odd. However, being at Imperial, we do nothing without leaving our mark. Currently, we have obtained the image of being immensely diligent at our academics. As for our Malaysian Society, the one thing that everyone mentions about our society is Mnight and our Mnight is one of the best if not the best in the UK. I would like to extend the image of Imperial’s Msoc to show that not only do we work hard and are perfectionist, but that we also play hard.

These are big things to aim and achieve, but having been Head Prefect as well as Sports House captain at my old school has given me some experience with handling certain responsibilities. I understand that the position I am applying for will be far different and more challenging than the responsibilities I’ve once held. This did cause me to contemplate applying for the position because of the success of our predecessors, and whether I would be able to live up to that. I am ready to take on the challenge.