Ang Del-Wyn

Full Name: Ang Del-Wyn

Course: 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Proposer: Kharthik Chakravarthy (3rd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder: Jason Lee Jie-Shen (3rd Year Biomedical Engineering)

Hello there, I’m Ang Del-Wyn (not Zhong Yao) and I’m applying for the post of Welfare Officer!

First year in Imperial has been such a blast for me! I was pretty nervous before coming to Imperial as I would be stepping into a whole new life away from home. However, the seniors were all very helpful and supportive and they really impressed me, that’s why I want to run for this post as I want to emulate their actions by providing support to the juniors and show them our ICUMS spirit! This was my Road to Damascus moment!

Below are a few of my suggestions:

Anonymous Monthly Survey

This will be for members to give any anonymous feedback or ideas for events they want to have organised. This data can be collected and used as constructive criticism as well as a platform for us to organise events based on members’ interests. This would be a good way to gauge member satisfaction and involve members in event planning!

Buddy Family

The Buddy Family activities could be organised more frequently as it is a good way for families to come together and interact. This should encourage families to be more tight-knit and hopefully become a family away from home! In addition to that, the buddy family activities provide a venue for members to gather for some fellowship!

Festival Celebrations

We can also celebrate festivals that take place during our term time here at Imperial College such as Deepavali and Christmas. This can help us Malaysians feel more at home. Furthermore, first year students can network among other Malaysian students at these events during their first term here. This allows them to have friends who can relate to them and be a listening ear whenever they are having problems or feeling lonely.

Being in the executive committee of the CAL Student Council of Taylor’s College, I learned how to organise events effectively and work with a large team of people. These events gave students a chance to let loose and forge new friendships as well as reinforce current ones. Ensuring that their voices were heard by the higher ups, I’m also a very friendly and social person who members will find easy to get in touch with.

My dedication to excellence, pursuit of solutions and passion for service are the cornerstones of my dream of being part of the ICUMS committee. I want to be an agent of change and make a difference. My choice of running for this post today is truly that first step. The road ahead will be challenging, but when my vision is clear, all obstacles will give way and success unexpected will come in common hours.