Choo Tsin Hoong

Name : Choo Tsin Hoong

Course : 1st Year Civil Engineering

Proposer : Choy Chuok Ying (2nd Year Mathematics)

Seconder : Alicia Cheong Yan Qiu (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Run-Down Position : None

Being so far away from home for the very first time is a very exciting yet daunting experience for most of us. However, MSOC has provided a really good platform for all Malaysians to forge new friendships and meeting new people. It is like a second home away from home, a place where Malaysians of different backgrounds are brought together and lots of lifelong memories are created. Attending various activities organised by MSOC really benefitted me a lot, and I have had a good time mingling with people and knowing them better. Cohesion between members have definitely been enhanced as all of us work hard together to achieve a common goal, such as everyone putting in effort to make MNight a success.

I would like to run for treasurer because I believe it is the channel in which I can contribute back to the society the most. With the experience of being a treasurer for the Prefectorial Board back in high school, I understand the importance of money in the operation of a society. Without sufficient funds, it would be really challenging to organise events and at the same time ensuring them are of the highest quality. MSOC organises events regularly to cater for the welfare of the members and all of these require funds to ensure smooth proceedings. Funds become ever more important when it comes to organizing MNight because it is our opportunity to impress the public. The quality of the event depends greatly on the financial status of the society because better services can be provided with greater spending power. This includes many sectors such as costume, props, programme booklet and various others.

I understand that being a treasurer requires good management skills in order to ensure that everything is in place and to avoid mistakes as well as confusion. As I was once a secretary for LEO Club in high school, I have learned to organize things in an orderly manner so that it is easy to look for past records shall it be required. Being a treasurer requires good communication skills and good teamwork as well because being in a team means that everyone has their role to play. I have been involved in planning many camps in high school and I believe that I have the capability to work with others. Through this experience, I have learned to be a good listener by taking in others’ opinions and then proceed to giving positive feedbacks.

The following are some of the things I would like to achieve if elected:

1. Sponsorship

Being one of the major pillar of MSOC’s revenue, sponsorship plays a huge role in deciding the direction of the society’s expenditure. I would like to work with the External Liaison Officer to further expand the number of sponsors as well as strengthening the relationship between us and our current sponsors. In addition, past sponsors will also be approached in an attempt to reconstruct our relationship. In return, MSOC will attempt to collaborate with sponsors to hold events which allows them to interact with the members of MSOC. Imperial students are highly sought after and such events will benefit both sides as companies can look for potential talent and our members can gain exposure to such companies.

2. Sustainability

The success of a society is not only measured by its past and present, but by its preparation to face the future as well. Therefore, it is important that a club is prepared well financially when the next committee takes over. I will ensure that the budget for the academic year is well planned with the help of the President so that no money goes to waste. However, the welfare of the members has to be taken into consideration as well, so a balance has to be found. The cost of organizing various events can be reduced so that even more of them can be organized which will benefit the members. Some of the events which I have in mind includes Games Nights and maybe Karaoke Nights This is however subjective to the schedule of the academic year as we all know that Imperial students have a tight schedule.

3. Transparency

The current system of disclosing the society’s expenditure to all the members will be continued since this will ensure that no members are left in the dark regarding the society’s financial condition. Questions in relation with the matter will also be answered because the members deserve to know the operation of the society. Suggestions by members about the usage of funds will also be taken seriously as there may be a better solution to the proposed ones. This is an important feature as it acts as a check to the power held by the committee and will ensure that power is not abused.
The path ahead will be full of challenges as well as uncertainties, but I believe if we work together hand in hand, even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome.