Clive Wong Toh Soon

Name : Clive Wong Toh Soon

Course : 1st Year Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Proposer : Lim Wei Der (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder : Melissa Teng Hie Ting (1st Year  Chemical Engineering)

Run-Down Position : None

I’ve got 3 years of experience editing videos and photos. I also love drawing and I had won numerous drawing competitions since young. The passion for arts keeps me motivated to produce high quality artworks. This year, I’m working as a marketing director for a Malaysian Innovation Challenge called CIPTA. Through this role I realize Marketing and Arts are closely related as effective marketing technique always comes together with high quality artwork, be it posters or videos. Communication, effectively, is a mutual exchange of information between the conveyer and audience, whereas marketing, essentially, is a way of communicating with the target audience. I believe my experience in marketing and listening skills will make me a competent communications secretary.
As a communication secretary, I will aim to:

1. Increase and strengthen the communication between committee and the membership, by promoting and encouraging members to participate in the events held by ICUMS.

2. Compose the high quality artworks such as videos, posters, and T-shirt for the members and committee.

3. Work with the secretary to make good use of the current social network as a way of communication, i.e Facebook, and Twitter.

4. Work with the rest of the committee and members to strengthen ICUMS so that we can move forward as a professional, well-respected, and active society.