Darien Wong Jun Long

Full Name: Darien Wong Jun Long

Course of Studies: 1st Year Chemistry

Proposer: Ng Tong Wei (4th Year Biomedical Engineering)

Seconder: Kuan Tzuo Wei It (2nd Year Aeronautical Engineering)

“Krapp’s Last Tape” – written by Samuel Beckett, was a 1958 play which has influenced me greatly. In the play, there was a table with a box – a box filled with audiotapes of recordings that Krapp made on each of his 68 birthdays. It is Krapp’s 69th birthday – he took out a tape and began listening to himself when was 39. His younger self was heard saying “Wow, I can’t believe I did all this when I was 20”, laughing joyfully while listening to a tape in his twenties. Krapp then played another tape when he was 45 – he had all these dreams and aspirations – which he eventually failed at achieving. He started scowling and swearing, fast-forwarding the tape in anger – couldn’t bare listening to it. He pressed play again, and all of a sudden, he heard himself saying “so her and I were on the bottom of the boat – caught in the reeds – and I laid across her lap without moving – but beneath us, all else moved and moved us”. He paused for a moment – stunned – and rewinded the tape and listened to it again, and again.

The point is – when we are older, we will not remember any of the resolutions we had, or that raise that we got. We will only remember those moments that made us tick… Whenever faced with two difficult paths in life, always choose the path which will create the most memories – memories which will last for a lifetime. For me, this difficult juncture came about before I left for London. Should I attend the ICUMS Freshers’ Camp on not, in the midst of my hectic schedule and visa application? – I made the bold decision to GO FOR IT ! Today, I can look back without regrets, knowing that I’ve been blessed with fond memories and shared many great experiences with my peers throughout the camp. One thing that has impressed me most, is the level of commitment and dedication put into Malaysian Society – not only by the current committee, but by all the seniors too. MSoc made me felt welcomed. MSoc has truly made me felt at home !

Creating memories… Creating connections…

As the events officer, my objective is to provide members with an array of opportunities to connect, socialize and form lasting bonds with each other while making the most of their time at Imperial. In short, I would want members to be given the chance to create the best memories possible here in MSoc. To make this a reality, I am planning to retain events that are a staple of MSoc, but at the same time refining the pre-existing system to make it more diverse and inclusive :-

1) Career Events & Engagement Sessions

– A knowledge sharing platform where juniors gain insights on the career experiences of seniors/alumnis.

– Event covers advice on CV & cover letter writing, internship/spring week application tips, interview

   training and career planning.

– A survey will be created to gauge attendance, key specific interests, needs and composition of members

   who are attending.

– Aim to gather student representatives from more Imperial departments to cover wider job scopes.

– Increase number of VIPs (MSoc sponsors, Malaysian companies and firms) to present their professional

   views and expertise, enriching the event.

2) Weekend Trips

– Planning short (one/two-day) visits to places of interest in London and other attractions within the UK.

– May include Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, museum field trips, hiking trip, and many more.

– Takes into account voting and members’ feedback on places to visit.

– Treasurer nominees (Luke Pang/Ben Sheng/Stuart Chai) were notified in regards to trip subsidy allocation.

3) Festival Celebrations

– Propose organising dinners/events to celebrate other Malaysian festivals which helps strengthens unity.

– Includes Deepavali while other suggestions are welcomed.

4) Leisure Activities

– Half-day activities such as ice-skating session (NHM), karaoke night, outdoor paintball, and bowling trip

   are considered.

– Activities will be further discussed and delegated with the other events officer nominee (Wong Shi Jinn).

5) Winter Ski Trip

– Understood the mechanics of organising ski trips as I’ve attended one to Les Arcs in December 2015.

– Focus on increasing the attendance of freshers through advertising and package affordability.

– Opportunity to bridge the gap between freshers and 3rd & 4th year students.

6) Others

– Taking charge and supervising the ushering duties and food catering during events hosted by MSoc.

– Aim to continue organising Welcome Dinner, CNY Dinner and Leavers’ Event which were highly

   successful and well-received.

– Events such as Who Boleh, Boat Party, and Secret Santa & Christmas Celebration will carry on again.

Theatre Trips and Potlucks will be held and preferably with increased frequency.

– Assisting the welfare officer in conducting the Freshers’ Dinner and Pre-Departure Camp if help is required. Welfare officer nominee (Ang Del-Wyn) was notified on this matter.

During my time in school and college, I had taken up numerous leadership positions that helped shape my personality and instilled core values. Juggling secretarial work for the Red Crescent Society Malaysia (BSMM), Chess Club, Scrabble Society and the Edward Sports House simultaneously helped me manage my time properly besides developing my communication and soft skills. Serving as a Senior Prefect Councillor has taught me to be proactive, decisive and disciplined. Furthermore, being elected as Class Representative in various subjects throughout A Level has showed that I’m a person of integrity who is trustworthy and accountable.

With this, I hope my manifesto have demonstrated that I am a driven, versatile and ambitious individual who is suited for this role in the committee board – to inspire and lift MSoc to greater heights.

Make every little vote count !