Edward Lim Yik Ming (Updated)

Name: Edward Lim Yik Ming
Course: Mechanical Engineering
Proposer: Tau Teng Chong (2nd Year Geophysics)
Seconder: Kuok Wern Ng (2nd Year Chemistry)
Run-Down Position: None

To be thousands of miles away from home, yet to feel like I never left. This is the sense of belonging that MSoc has instilled in me. Through intense MNight practices and the countless social events proactively conducted by my seniors, I have forged indelible memories and everlasting bonds with freshers and seniors alike that have kept MSoc close to my heart.

As Vice President, my goal is

-To work closely with the president and committee members to ensure we are united in our vision for MSoc. This includes communicating efficiently within the committee to ensure planned MSoc activities are run accordingly and allow information regarding our events or events run by other societies to be conveyed effectively to our members.

-To organise more joint-events with other Malaysian societies such as charity drives and friendly sports matches for our members to interact and network with their peers from other universities.

-To work with the President, Treasurer and External Liaison Officer to maintain and stay updated on sponsorship relations and be actively involved with sponsorship negotiations.

As producer of MNight, I will work closely with the directors, choreographers and crew to conceive a play that will captivate the audience with an immersive showcase of Malaysian culture, dance, music and personify Malaysian flair and spirit


–  Have screenings for dances before the winter holidays. These screenings are aimed to gauge the progress made after a term of practices and to receive feedback and criticism from seniors. It also acts as motivation for the performers and choreographers to keep focused during practice before the winter break.

–   Increase the number of taster sessions. I plan on taster sessions running for the course of 2-3 weeks to give more opportunity to those who missed out or are unsure which dance to join.


–   Book rooms for music team practice. The music team this past year was left to practice on their own time without a designated location. This caused many issues for the music team and by setting a time and place for them to work, they can be more efficient and organized.

–   Encourage the music team to sit in on acting practice. This will help them understand the tone and mood of each scene so they can compose the appropriate scores.


–   Liaise with other societies in Imperial. We successfully reach out to Malaysians all over UK by saturating social media through our pragmatic marketing but it is rare for non-Malaysians to stumble upon our material. Therefore, I will reach out to the other societies to help endorse MNight within their ranks. In return, we will help advertise their events to our members.

–   Form a good relationship with the societies such as DramSoc to ensure MNight runs smoothly.

–   Inform UKEC and the other societies on the date of MNight as soon as it is finalised to prevent misunderstandings when booking the Great Hall and prevent clashing dates for MNight with the other universities.


–   Expand props team. I plan on appointing two props team directors. Props team manager is a role that requires finesse and is crucial to Mnight. By splitting the role, I hope to reduce the workload on the managers and ensure efficiency. The roles of handling the props and managing the flow of the props onto and out of the stage will be delegated between the two.

–   Allow seniors to join props team. This was employed in previous years and I plan to reintroduce this to increase the workforce of props team leading to better quality props.


–   Increase the budget for props team and music team. There is a lot of untapped potential for props and music so I hope an increase in their budgets will help them reach greater heights.


–   Avoid timing clashes for MNight practices and meetings. I will require every party involved to forward their timetables so I can structure the weekly MNight practices strategically. This is to accommodate the schedules of both the performers and the choreographers and to avoid clashes where possible.

–   Work with the Welfare Officer to Introduce MNight to Freshers ASAP through emails that brief freshers on the events run by MSoc such as MNight to stimulate interest among the freshers early on. The Facebook group for Imperial College Malaysian Freshers should also be updated periodically with MNight material before the term starts to keep freshers who are not active in pre-departure activities informed.

–   Gauge interest from freshers. I hope to have a rough outline of our script and the planned performances before our Pre-Departure Camp. This will allow us to gauge interest in certain dances and aspects of the play through feedback and suggestions from the freshers.

I will strive to make MNight a success. The main objective of MNight is to provide each and every participant an unforgettable experience that will enrich their time in Imperial regardless how small or big their role in the production. MNight is the fruit of everyone’s effort and sacrifice and the end product should reflect that. From my tenure as director for my high school drama, I’ve been through the ups and downs of theatre production and I will ensure that MNight is a success no matter what. I have wholeheartedly poured countless hours of my time and given my undivided commitment to MNight as a performer, and I would be honoured to be given the opportunity to tread this path again as the producer.