Karlson Cavil Dickman

Full Name : Karlson Cavil Dickman

Course : 1st Year Chemical Engineering

Proposer : Edward Tan Shan Hoe (3rd Year Mechanical Engineering)

Seconder : Chin Yew Sian (2nd Year Chemical Engineering)

Run-down Post : None


Being far away from home we build and hold on to relationships like a family away from home.That is what ICUMS is to me, a place where I connect, improve and grow whether it is relationships or skills. ICUMS has undoubtedly done a great job at caring for the welfare of each one of its members and still contains the potential to do so much more. There are ideas introduced by the past committee such as the boat party, senior-junior lunch and sports day that will be maintained or further developed. I believe a major part of university is about making the right contacts and expanding our social circle. Heinrich Koorts said ‘University is 20% about the education attained and 80% about the connections made.’ Henceforth it is evident that networking is an essential part of the university experience. 

I have broken it down to 2 main targeted areas. That is: 
∙ Internal relations  
∙ External relations  


Internal Relations 

I intend to tighten the bond between past and present ICUMS members as well as other Malaysians within Imperial. Based on the 3rd item of the founding objectives from article 3 of the ICUMS constitution, ‘to provide for and maintain the interaction and camaraderie amongst Malaysian students in Imperial College’; it is self-evident that the close relationship among members is a necessity. 

 I intend to bridge the gap between juniors and seniors by hosting a team event. A potential activity would be a treasure hunt around London for it would provide a great opportunity for seniors and juniors to interact and allow for the seniors to introduce the juniors to the marvels of London. The condition would be that each team must comprise of members from at least three different year groups. Participation in this competition will be incentivised by preparing prizes for the winning teams.   

 Then, I plan to attract more Malaysians in Imperial that are not part of ICUMS. An initiative towards this is to cater for members of different interest by having more frequent but small scale events such as a movie night, game night, or even a baking day. The activities carried can vary and be determined by the members. This idea is to overcome segregation within the society and fellow Malaysians. 

Finally, I shall work on an outreach aimed at the Alumni of ICUMS. As Imperial students, the best person to relate and understand our current situation is a person who has experienced the same hurdles and faced similar choices. Thus, constant contact with Alumni will assist members to make more learned decisions. This can be achieved by setting up a social platform for the Alumni of ICUMS where they are categorised by their department. For example by using ‘Linkedin’, we can set up a profile which is focused on the careers of our alumni. This enables students to reach out to the Alumni, to actively communicate and enquire about choices in Imperial, career path options or clear any uncertainties.    

External Relations 

ICUMS are affiliated with ICMS and UKEC. These societies are specialised in hosting workshops, networking events and obtaining high profile speakers. Therefore, we should leverage on the affiliation fostered with these external parties by collaborating and hosting events focused on networking and granting exposure to the working world. This is in line with the recent vision of ICMS which is to utilise their relationship more with their affiliates. We should encourage and ensure members participate in these events by promoting the events as well as trying to avoid clashes of events because it will undeniably benefit members of ICUMS. We could also provide a venue in Imperial to host the events and in return get allocation of places for our members which will make it more accessible to our fellow members.  

Being a corporate liaison officer of ‘CIPTA- Malaysian Innovation Challenge’ it has become ever so clear that the fundamental step to ensure a society accomplishes its objectives is to have sufficient financial support. Thus it is apparent that only with adequate funds can the society develop and launch new ideas. Therefore, the aim is to maintain current sponsors by convincing sponsors that the sponsorship was well spent. This can be done by enlightening the sponsors of all the activities carried out within the past year and how those sponsors were involved in making it a reality. Apart from maintaining current sponsors, I intend to obtain potential sponsors that could contribute towards the funding of ICUMS. The potential sponsors I have targeted for the year are MABECS and Maybank. This is due to MABECS being a student-centred organisation that aims to assist students from Malaysia. Since Maybank is seeking potential professionals from among fresh graduates under its talent recruitment competition, ‘The Maybank GO Ahead Challenge’ as well as offers scholarships for students. This reflects their interest, making them potential sponsors.I plan to organise events where members interact with sponsors and become aware of our sponsors. For example an interview simulation presentation by the sponsors. This simultaneously benefits the sponsors as well as the students for the sponsors are able to gain publicity while being able to meet the students to offer internships. Internships are mutually beneficial because the sponsors obtain some of the brightest minds to intern in their company while members gain exposure and working experience. 

Ultimately, I have always persevered in all my endeavors I have undertaken and this principle of mine has not changed over the years. The foundations of ICUMS are built on solid ground and it has stood the test of time. It has been built from love and friendship and I intend to grow and reinforce those same foundations. Throughout my life I am constantly challenging myself, whether it’s conquering the Viper Challenge, raising funds for the ‘Make a wish foundation’ or getting elected as president of the Mathematics & Science society at the age of 14, I have always persevered in the face of adversity. No doubt the goals I have set are not easily attainable but the fact that they are challenging is what makes them great. I believe in synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; hence with the support of the ICUMS committee and the members those very goals will be achieved. The possibilities endless; the potential immense; the imagination boundless.