Kee Yan Kai

Name: Kee Yan Kai

Course: 1st Year Materials Science & Engineering 

Proposer: Chong Sue Yi (2nd Year Mechanical)

Seconder: Mah Mun Chun (3rd Year Civil Engineering)

Run-down Position: None

Hi Guys! My name is Kee Yan Kai, also known as “Kai” around the college. This year 2016 I’ll be running for the Sport Officer of the Malaysian Society. My nominator for this election is Chong Sue Yi (current sport officer) and my seconder would be Mah Mun Chun (ex-sport officer).

I always have a fiery passion towards all kind sports. Basketball, football, track and field, you name it, I’ve played it. The following quote explains why I chose to run for sport officer.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –some wise man

Why you should vote for me…


Firstly, MORE SPORTS DAY! By saying everyone is involved, I’ll give chance for members to vote for a NEW SPORT that everyone enjoy (no matter gender). Example like captain ball, dodge ball or even running could be in one of the weekly sport session.


I was once the PRESIDENT for the annual sports day of my high school, which involve hundreds of athlete and thousands of spectators. Besides, we also organize annual cross-country race that involves a few hundred participants that covering a 5km course around the school.


It’s not always about changes, but making what’s there better. Weekly sport policy will of course continued, I promise, will always try my best to BOOK THE BEST COURT AND TIME for every sports session. Furthermore, I’ll also approach other university around London and arrange FRIENDLY MATCHES for all kinds of sports.