Kong Lik Hui (Welfare Officer)

Name                        :  Lik Hui Kong

Course of studies    :  1st Year Mechanical Engineering

Proposer                   :  Wei Der Lim (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering )

Seconder                   :   Edward Lim (1st Year Mechanical Engineering)

When I first got in touch with Imperial MSoc, I remember that it was after I have got my offer for Imperial. Since then I was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of support and guidance provided by the MSoc committees.  Settling down to a completely new environment has always been daunting but MSoc had made it feel like I have never leave my home in Malaysia. Instead I have gained a new family. In addition to that, MSoc has been the one-thing that connects each and everyone of us, like-minded Malaysians in Imperial. Secondly I am really impressed by the tradition of receiving and giving within the MSoc. As a fresher I felt like I have really benefitted from having all my seniors who won’t hesitate to be there and help me out through all. Hence I felt that it is in my obligation to carry on providing the same support and guidance to the next batch of freshers, continuing the tradition and serving the Imperial Malaysian community. Also I was really impressed by the dedication and the mentoring given by the MSoc committees even after they have passed the baton. That is the main reason why I would like to be part of the MSoc commitees.

If I am elected as welfare officer, there is a few goals which I would like to achieve during my tenure:

  1. Strengthen the bond between members
  2. Ensure that every member has a source to come forward to with his/her problems
  3. Ensure that everyone in Imperial MSoc has a great time at Imperial.

 Therefore I would like to propose some events which I would like to carry out as well as carry on with some of the existing event carried out by the current committee.

Create a platform to connect members of Imperial MSoc

I would like to create a site on the web where members who are interested in making new friends and meeting other members can subscribe to it. These members will be able to update their personal interests or whatever they would like to share and their contact details on the site. Besides being a platform to meet other members, members would be able to utilize this platform to find roommates or housemates or put up any requests.

Supervision of the role of the Buddy family

I would like to implement a fortnightly update system for the buddy family where the mum and dad of the buddy family would have to keep in contact with each and every one of their children at least once every fortnight to make sure that everything goes on well for them. This is to make sure that any problems that the members may potentially have might be detected at the earliest possible hour and that members would have someone to come forward to with their problems. 

Senior mentoring scheme

I would propose a mentoring scheme where first years will be able to consult second years and subsequently within their department For this scheme, seniors in their respective department will make available their contact details so that juniors will be able to consult them on any academic-related matters including borrowing lab reports, asking for advices on some academic projects and so on. 

I would carry on the Pre-departure camp and probably carry out an outing session for those from East Malaysia so that they would not feel left out. In addition to that, I would like to expand the social media for Malaysian holders to include tips for applying to imperial and reach out to more aspiring Malaysian to apply to Imperial.

To wrap up, I really look forward to play a leading role in MSoc which have given me so much during my brief time here at Imperial and I look forward to provide the same care and support to the next batch of freshers.