Kong Lik Hui (External Liaison Officer)

Name                        :  Lik Hui Kong

Course of studies    :  1st Year Mechanical Engineering

Proposer                   :  Wei Der Lim (2nd Year Mechanical Engineering )

Seconder                   :   Edward Lim (1st Year Mechanical Engineering)

Run-down position :  Welfare Officer

As an external liaison officer, there would be three goals which I would hope to achieve:

–   Expand the connection of Imperial MSoc

–   Provide members with more opportunities for self development

–   Promote the brand of Imperial MSoc

Among the ideas that I have come up with to achieve these goals are:

Search for sponsors

Funding has always been the core of a society. Therefore if elected, I plan to have the sponsorship proposal draft up as soon as by the end of the Easter holidays and start to approach potential sponsor from the beginning of summer onwards. Given the sponsorship for this year which amounts to 9.25k pound, I aim to at least make it to this amount.

More inter-university and inter-societal collaboration

As for inter-university collaboration, I plan to collaborate with the MSocs from other universities and charity societies to host a pasar malam event. For this pasar malam event, stalls will be outsourced to any interested MSoc members of these universities and charity societies and the participants are able to sell anything of their liking. Besides, I would like to co-organise a CNY reception with SingSoc to bring together the members of both societies. On top of that, I plan to organize a cultural exchange program with French Soc, Italian Soc and German Soc where MSoc members will be the chance to learn more about other cultures and probably gain some valuable insights into working and travelling in Europe. For these cultural exchange sessions, a random topic related to one’s culture will be selected and members from both societies will be paired up to discuss about the subject.

Malaysian alumni mentoring scheme

For this scheme, members will be paired up with an alumni working in an area of their interest who will be their mentor. Members will then have to set up at least six meeting session with their mentor (potentially at the work place of the mentor). Throughout the duration of the scheme, members will receive support on planning the meetings and setting the goal which they hope to achieve at the end of every meetings.

Project Africa

I would like to initiate a project where a group of 6-7 students will be selected to undergo a one-month volunteering trip to Africa in summer. During this one month in Africa, these students will be undertake teaching roles and will be responsible for teaching English or Science to the children in Africa and at the same time experience the local custom of the community. Towards the end of their stay in Africa, the student will be required to put on a show which will promote Malaysian culture to the local communities. I will try to look for potential interested sponsors to finance the project and liaise with other societies which have been long involved in projects in Africa such as UNICEF, Raincatcher, Equinox and Teach First regarding how the project should be planned out.

In my opinion, being an external liaison officer is the most exciting job within MSoc as you will get the chance to meet different kind of people and to communicate with them. I see this as an opportunity to further hone my managerial and communication skills in addition to relishing the chance to work alongside great minds.  Being a head of a prefect group in my high school has taught me valuable leadership and communication skills. Beside that I was a primer officer for the Boys Bridgade and was put in charge of a group of junior boys brigade. Therefore I was actively involved in organizing events for the juniors and this has taught me valuable managerial skills and event coordinating skills.

To sum this up, I look forward to work alongside people who are equally passionate about MSoc as I am and continue the legacy and excellent job done by the existing committees.