Lai May Ching

Full Name: Lai May Ching

Course: 1st Year Materials Science and Engineering

Proposer: Tiew Wee Kee (2nd Year Biotechnology)

Seconder: Liow Kong You (1st Year Physics with Theoretical Physics)

Yo, I’m May Ching! Elect me and I’ll make you proud!

How can I contribute to MSoc as an Events Officer?

Firstly, I would like to:

–   Upkeep all the amazing events and make some improvements along the way (more festivities gathering)

–   Work closely with the Welfare Officer to improve the Buddy System – organise more inter-family competitions, which includes 3rd/4th year grandparents. Ideally, these events should be scheduled to take place as early as possible in the Autumn term to allow freshers more chance to mingle around and make more friends.

In addition, though I strongly believe that it is paramount to maintain the M’sian spirit within this community, I also feel that in order to truly enjoy our years in England, we need to, in some ways, live like a British! I hope to introduce events such as:

–   Afternoon Tea during Freshers Week – a great way to learn about common etiquettes and to socialise with people you haven’t met before. After all, we are not as fortunate as other students in campus-based universities who has the chance of dining in formals.

–   Expeditions (Hiking and possibly Canoeing) – an approach to a healthier lifestyle and to enjoy Mother Nature (without worrying about the humid weather and insects!)

–   Weekend Getaways – an escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy Imperial schedule (perhaps a trip up to Edinburgh? – all suggestions will be taken into account!)

A brief background: Having been fortunate enough to be given the chance to study in England since the age of 14, I have gained many experiences of which I strongly feel fusioning both Malaysian and a tinge of British culture is the analogy of making the teh-tarik we all love. After all, our main reason of coming to England is to gain as much exposure as possible and share them with our fellow countrymen when we return. In my Upper Sixth, I was elected to be one of the 12 Senior Prefects and was given a special responsibility for International Students. The experience I have garnered from this role includes chairing International Council Meeting as well as organising the first ever Chinese New Year Fair in my school. I managed to recruit over 30 volunteers to set up 15 different stalls to replicate the Pasar Malam of ancient time. It was a rewarding experience to see my peers enjoy the entire process from brainstorming to making a profit of over £500 for charity, our sister school in Malawi. Furthermore, I helped organise a ‘Family Fun Day’ for Isobel Hospice. I led an African Drumming Session for the children and their parents. Having completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, I had thoroughly enjoyed all those expeditions from completing the Seven Sisters to canoeing down River Wye in Wales. Hence the reason why I am keen to introduce such activities for the coming year. I believe that these experiences have prepared me well to work alongside a team to achieve the same goal.

It will be a challenge to execute all the aforementioned events given the number of members, but it is something I’m more than prepared for, and which I think will be not only possible, but successful, with teamwork from the committee members. I earnestly hope to be given the chance of contributing back to this society which has given me much joy over the past few months.

Thank you!

May Ching  😀