Lee Ming Ze (Alston)

Full Name: Ming Ze Lee (Alston)

Course: 1st Year Mechanical Engineering

Proposer: Wan Masturah Natasya binti Wan Mohd Azmi (2nd Year Computing)

Seconder: Nicholas Oon Han Shen (2nd Year Biotechnology)

Run Down Post: None

The Imperial College Union Malaysian Society has been a spiritual backbone for Malaysians since its conception. It was where all of us were able to connect and mingle over the last couple of months. Words of support and encouragement, hours of buddy family outings, and months spent on Mnight practices has built the bond between most Malaysians. Being in this society has benefited me tremendously. Thus, I think it is time for me to offer something in return and create a better platform for future members.

Being a president, my vision is to add values to the society itself, sponsors, affiliates and most importantly, the members. There are 3 pillars that are currently holding the society together, consisting of Members/Committee, Sponsorship, and Branding/Marketing, all of which are of the utmost importance to the society. Should any of the pillars to be weaken, the society itself might be out on a whim.

Hence, my aims are towards the following aspects:

1) Members/Committee

The benefits of members and the efficiency of committee will always be the main priority.

~Firstly, Msoc has a huge database of members and alumni. We can link up the seniors/alumni with the current members. I believe that the seniors will be more than willing to share their internship experiences with the current members while the alumni can share their industrial experiences to current members. During my tenure as president, we will liaise with alumni, and upon their approval, release their emails to our members via the Facebook group. If things work out well, we can look into the idea of creating a buddy system between alumni and current members based on their common interests.

~Secondly, more opportunities will be open to the members/freshers to be part of the committee for some projects. This is to ensure that the members will stand a chance for skill development and to be able to contribute to Msoc through an alternative platform.

~Thirdly, I will introduce Asana, an online platform/App, to the committee to keep track of the progress of every project. Deadlines will be set for every task assigned to increase the productivity of the team. At a glance, we will be able to know of our progress and identify areas which require extra assistance. The team will be there to back each other up when necessary.

2) Sponsorship

One of the main sources of finance for the society is undeniably sponsorship. My goal is to leave MSoc in a better financial position and to own more funds to support good projects.

~The strategy that I will be implementing to achieve this goal is by maintaining the relationship with our current sponsors and at the same time, approaching new sponsors through referral. I have had experience in helping out in a startup company in Malaysia which matches sponsorship and events for youths and brands. We have been using the similar strategy to approach new sponsors after being referred to by our current connection. It is easier to bring them on board through this way as their trust in us can be built up more easily and maintained with more stability. I believe that by using this strategy, MSoc will find greater ease in obtaining more sponsorships.

~In addition to this, I will be leveraging on the power of duplication by establishing a sponsorship team. With the guidance of the liaison officer, I will be coaching the team personally with my experience and acquired skill sets that are required when meeting sponsors. This will open up more opportunities for our members who are interested in building connections with our sponsors. However, I will ensure that a high standard is imposed and will be strict in the selection of the team coming on board as they will be the brand ambassadors of ICUMS.


The reputation of MSoc is extremely important. As the president, he or she will be carrying the brand of ICUMS. This is the part that I will handle it with extra caution. There are a few things that we can work on:

~ Firstly, it is the utilisation of social media. It is essential to increase our engagement with members and the number of followers/likes. With the numbers of active followers,  it will help us in reaching out to more people in both Malaysia and UK, especially London. The number will help us in getting sponsors as well as sales conversion. Having the opportunity to involve in several business projects, I have attended several professional courses on social media marketing. With that practical experience, I have confidence that we will be able to do well in this section.

~ Meanwhile, I am planning to form a marketing team which will be led by the Communications Secretary. The team will be in charge of taking videos, pictures and video production of every event. This is not limited to the promotional materials for Mnight, but rather also video montages and pictures of every event that we will be hosting. During the presentation to our sponsors, these videos will be the best material and proof.

I am running for this role in hopes of making a greater impact on the society. I was one of the top 5 executive committee (Treasurer) in the Prefectorial Board and was also the Vice President of the Chess Club during my high school. In college, I was also the Project Director of The Students’ Voice and the Event Director of Taylor’s Think Tank Society. Despite my active involvement in clubs/societies in the academic institutions, I have been actively involved in several business projects as well as startups back in Malaysia over the past two years. This has allowed me to gain precious real world experiences and has expanded my network in the business world. My proudest achievement is having earned my first 5 figures before reaching 20 years old. There has been a tremendous increment in terms of my personal growth, skillset and mindset in these few years. With all these, I strongly believe that I have the capacity to lead MSoc to greater heights!